If a person has acted in a appalling/unforgivable manner, the offended party will leave all their belongs on the porch of the house they are currently residing in and locked out...forever.

Also could be used as an idle threat, but should not be taken lightly.
I cant believe she acted that way, right shes getting porched!

I cant believe I got porched!

Dont make me angry, you may get porched!!!
by Charles Whitmore October 29, 2010
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To be pretty pissed off. Not 100% pissed off, probably about 70%
I cannot believe that idiot left the oven on all day AGAIN. Porched.
by Mark Hooper February 14, 2008
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To get a blow job in plain sight while sitting on the porch. Typically, both people are extremely intoxicated.
Holy crap! Bob was so wasted last night, he got porched by that nasty girl.
by SichuanGourmet October 01, 2018
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