A series of awesome videos, starring a add-libbing black man describing his day, these are the best videos on youtube by far.
So what did you do yesterday?

I watched unforgivable all night, he is king.
by joeybnukkas May 28, 2007
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a series about a very aggresive and hilarious black man on youtube. he tells about his day with bitches, hoes, and cunts. he also enjoys chicken sandwhiches and waffle fries, but only if it's FO FREE!
-nigga dozed off real quick.
-i will slit ya throat err to err.
-get me a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries,fo'free. bitch turned around asked me what i wanted to drink, i said get me a docta peppa bitch!
-bitch, you ain't no nerd!
-gimme dat v-card!
-my hand - your face, or my gun - your mouth!
-i knocked the braces outta her mouff.
-thats unforgivable!

*thats all i can think of (:
by 3M!LY !$ FR3$H January 4, 2009
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adjective: used to describe a certain african american man's exploits. Used to question whether his actions have been beyond recourse.
Also Noun: p.diddy's new cologne line
When you and bovice run a train on some girl at a christmas party. "Bitch, you aint no nerd... i coulda sworn you was... get me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries... fo free, so i slit his wrists, vertically. now is that unforgivable?"
by DevonteLilWhyteJohnson June 1, 2007
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A sexually violent act SO atrocious in nature committed by man towards a woman that no moral boundaries can reconcile.

They emerged from the strain of YouTube videos named "Unforgivable."

An unforgivable tends to occur by drinking-age males who find themselves with an unrelentingly pious girl refusing to commit any acts of imprudence,

Dude: "Bitch, make me a sandwich."
Chick: "But it's 3 o'clock in the morning!"
Dude: "Bitch, I don't care. MAKE ME A SANDWICH NOW!"
Chick: "But-"
*guy slaps her and runs train on her*
Dude: "Bitch, I told you to MAKE ME A SANDWICH!"

by illiterate children in January 31, 2008
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videos on youtube starring a black man who cusses and uses much vulgarity. these videos have every viewer laughing. people tend to quote these videos often. they are predicted to be quite popular.

After watching an Unforgiveable video:

Person one:"Gimme a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries for free!"

Person two:"I'm about to call Bovice."

by Rhianna Miller November 7, 2007
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A series of short youtube videos created by the Hodge-Stansson filmmaking crew.

A one-man show filmed in black-and-white, Unforgivable documents the struggle of a young black male named "Ricky" who retells the story of his day to the cameraman.

Ricky, so it seems, can be quite aggressive and angry (I'm pissed off a lil' bit!!!) , and sometimes turns unloyal to his friends (I'm turning on my own niggas!) and violent towards his love interests (I slapped that bitch so fast...said, "I ain't tryin' to hear that!")

Ricky also enjoys taking drugs ("Smoked a bag of meth!!!" "Let's do some oxy's now, bitch!")

The end of almost every video is where Ricky says, "Unforgivable."

There are currently 8 full-length authentic Unforgivable videos: Unforgivables 1-4 (the original and BY FAR the best,) Unforgivables 5 and 6, "Unforgivable A" and "Unforgivable Formula C."
Did you see that Hodge-Stansson posted a new Unforgivable video?
by zjh_2002 August 11, 2010
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(NB: Not to be confused with The Unforgivable Curses mentioned in the Harry Potter series, the u of the Unforgivables must always be a capital U):

a term of respect, awe and fear term referring, collectively, to the legislative, judicial, and executive orders of one's society.

Thus named because, usually, in North America an individual's criminal record is 'unforgivable', remaining with the individual either for a very long period of time or for life.
son: can I grow weed in our backyard? i heard in school it's hip and cool.

father: you can do whatever the hell you please. But remember you write your life in indelible ink. do not get on the wrong side of the Unforgivables, because your criminal record will most likely follow you to the grave.
by Sexydimma January 26, 2013
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