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Name given to the toilet when vomiting, used in reference to holding the seat while spewing in the same manner as you would hold a bus steering wheel. Not to be confused with the porcelain pony as quoted above
Shit, I had a few too many jagers, I think i may need to drive the porcelain bus
by timb082 February 04, 2009
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"allow it" means to just leave something alone, or don't worry about it. People in West London say this quite often.
Ahmed: Wanna walk to the station?
Joseph: Nah, allow it blud, can't be arsed, I'mma get the bus.
by ak47 February 27, 2004
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when your drunk and ready to vomit you hang on to the toilet with both hands.
I had to drive the "porcelain bus," last night.
by Ima.AssOe June 21, 2014
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A term used to reference a toilet, in the manner of porcelain pony. The term is most often employed in reference to the use thereof.
"Man, I hope this class is over soon; I gotta ride the porcelain bus like crazy!"
by Bob Trees April 30, 2006
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