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Government of the dumb, for the dumb, by the dumb.
Person: How the hell did George W Bush get elected US President twice?

Person 2: Well, that's what you sometimes get in a dumbocracy.
by Ozymoron October 2, 2009
The sweet-salt secretions that accumulate in the crotch of a woman's underwear when she is aroused.
A: Was she hot?

B: Hot? She was steaming! Her crotch was soaked in knicker-liquor!
by Ozymoron October 2, 2009
A woman's perineum. A sensitive area between the vagina and the anus that often needs to be cut, in an operation known as an episiotomy, to prevent it tearing during childbirth, and then stitched together again.
Vic Demised: An episiotomy is when the obstetrician makes a cut in the woman's perineum... more commonly known as the chinrest.
by Ozymoron October 3, 2009
One who takes the "active" role during anal intercourse.
A: Is that guy gay?
B: Oh yeah! Total date packer.
by Ozymoron October 4, 2009
One who takes the "active" role in anal intercourse.

See also: date packer, rally driver
No point trying to seduce him, girlfriend! He's a chutney puncher.
by Ozymoron October 3, 2009
Vomiting into a toilet -often violently and for an extended time- whilst holding its rim like a steering wheel.
Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, when asked at a press conference about his recent bout of food poisoning: "Yes, I was driving the porcelain bus half the night."
by Ozymoron October 3, 2009
To vomit, in Australian idiom.

Derived from the half-strangled gurgling sound which often precedes a sudden, violent vomit.
Davo's gunna be hungover tomorrow. I just heard him cry Ralph.
by Ozymoron October 3, 2009