Light, fragile and beautiful.
Extremely sensitive, but can be extremely vain and
Involves all of the seven sins, and also a singer
from the band "Porcelain and the tramps"
That Porcelain doll sure is fragile, don't break it.
by Kadie Bon Couver` October 26, 2007
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A toilet. Literally the material that many toilets are made out of.
Man, I just shit my brains out on the porcelain.
Excuse me, may I use the porcelain.
by joegvo December 29, 2007
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'Rivka Alice' is the most beautiful girl in the world. The perfect ballerina loved by all. Rivka is an angel 'Saint-Like' 'Holy'

Polish - Russian Origin 'Rivka' is unique and rare.

'Rivka Alice is the most beautiful girl in the world. .'

'Ривка красивая' 'гарний' ' Angel of God' 'Porcelaina Ballerina'
'Rivka Alice is the most beautiful girl in the world. .'

'Ривка красивая' 'гарний' ' Angel of God' 'Porcelaina Ballerina'
Rivka Alice Porcelaina Ballerina’ also known as porcelain ballerina is beautiful’
by Jesswoods January 27, 2022
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A ‘Porcelain Doll’ was made in the late 1860s. Up to that time, dolls made of porcelain were all referred to as china dolls.
‘That Porcelain Doll Looks Haunted. .’

Rivka Alice is so pale and fragile she looks like a Porcelain Doll’

‘Her Heart Is as fragile as a Porcelain Doll..’
by Porcelaindollxo July 24, 2022
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This describes taking an urgent dump in the toilet.
After the chili special, I had to go pummel the porcelain!
by I, Wreckerrr February 4, 2017
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A crap that is laid with such force or velocity as to literally damage the toilet.
Oh God Tim, don't tell me you laid another Porcelain Cracker in there, we can't afford new fixtures each time you go to Taco Bell!
by MerchantofVenice2 April 23, 2011
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A shit so violent it looks like a suicide took place inside the toilet bowl. Fecal content covers nearly every square inch of the bowl resembling brain matter.
My first visit to Felipe's Taco Truck will be my last, when I got home my asshole committed porcelain suicide.
by Pulley78 June 5, 2016
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