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A girl who is very different from the rest. She has a very positive yet powerful Aura and sometimes is misunderstood. A lot of people will turn their backs on her until she meets the right people. She is clever, has a dark sense of humour and pretty. Guys who she doesn't like are crazy for her. She probably acts like a badass when she really isn't.
"Wow Rivka is so gorgeous!"
"Rivka's unlike anyone I've ever met."
by Maytheflower45 February 06, 2018
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A girl who is hilarious in every way possible. A Rivka always livens up a party. Rivkas always make great friends and companions.
Person 1-"I'm so glad rivkas in my life."
Person 2-"Me too man, I love her."
by Breadfren🥰 October 30, 2019
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Rivka is Very outgoing but u have to get to know her to apriciate her She’s rly sexy and beautiful She’s hard to get. Rivka’s outgoing and loud and very unique. If you love her don’t play games tell her u love her she hard to find and unique person. She’s the bestest friend and will always be there for u. Most caring person I know. She’s a funny nice. She’s beautiful but doesn’t know it so let her know
Rivka is so hot
by I like Rivka March 08, 2019
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Isaac's wife.
Mother of Jacob and Esau.

This is the correct information on biblical Rivka, Isaac was her husband not her son.
Rivka overheard this conversation and realized prophetically that Isaac's blessings would go to Jacob.
by nerdygirl16 August 19, 2011
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Someone very loving and kind that treats their friends better than themselves. Usually very short with big boobs that makes the guys go oy vei
I saw rivka at the store yesterday, such a great little umps lumpa
by Tall boy with the blond hair November 16, 2020
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