When you are ghosted by someone by they occasionally like your Instagram posts
I'm being haunted my Michael, it is so awkward.
by hannahee April 24, 2018
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Haunted means you are bored and you are doing things out if the ordinary.
For instance, Jen anf Tony are hanging out. Tony starts banging on the furniture as if he is playing rhe drums.
Jen says: Tony your haunted eh?
by BookayBookay September 26, 2020
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When you decide to return after ghosting someone.
My friend heard back from a one night stand, now she's being haunted.
by DispoRks December 7, 2016
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An attribute of something that's got extra shit going about it under the surface. The Paranormal, the Mystical, the unknown, the "just fucked up for some reason" part about someone or something that is just wild to think about, but also probably pretty easy to ignore in all honesty.
"No, Dustin I will not go with you to Area 51. That shit's Haunted."
"How much did she take before doing this? She was sober? That bitch is Haunted, I can't deal with all that right now."
by BananaMarshall April 14, 2021
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a term for getting really fucked up and/or crazy. see also: hyphy. originated in the south bay
"hey bro, what are you doin' tonight?"
"i dunno but ima get MAD haunted"

by cerebral lawlzy September 15, 2008
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The best way to say something is awesome, cool, or swell. Also saying something is 'not haunted' means its the wackest shit ever.
Carlton: Braah, check out this sweet new track.
Kyle: Damn that sounds haunted af

Nicholas: My parents said I can't hang for the weekend cuz we are going on a family trip
Abby: Dude thats not haunted at all

Rob: Whats haunted man
Joshua: Just jamming trying to make some new beats
by yoshtopia December 6, 2018
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When something inanimate is stupid, broken, ill conceived, or dangerous. A general term indicating something that doesn't work properly.
Q: Did you see the crane that toppled over and killed all those people?

A: Yeah, that shit was definitely haunted.
by Sickmouse March 12, 2010
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