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A failed death vigil. What happens when the media thinks the Pope or other aging world figure is getting ready to die and then he doesn't, thus wasting a lot of news time. Based on a fighting style once used by boxer Muhammad Ali known as the "Rope-A-Dope".
I missed the last episode of Red and Meth because of the Pope-A-Dope on CNN.
by major_delmac March 01, 2005
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Lulling the popo into a false sense of security while having illegal substances on your person and/or in your car.
Dude 1: Dude how did you keep your cool with those pigsters, theres a half ounce of greenery in the back seat?

Dude 2: It's cool man, I told him that we were on our way to get ice cream.

Dude 1: Nice pope-a-dope!
by Idontgiveaflyingfuhhh September 07, 2011
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