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Hoffman is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and personality to match she is exotic and people enjoy being around her she is humble and kind bad as bitch!!
Set your standards Hoffman high!
by Redicals February 19, 2018
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Overbearing mouthbreather. Delusional expert of nothing. Time waster. Incapable of doing anything himself.
Man, I can't stand that guy. He's a fucking Hoffman.
by Hofflover01 February 06, 2015
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Clever, kind, and honest.
A Hoffman is a person of with morals of the highest caliber and devilishly good looks.
"Hey do you want to hang out with Hoffman" -Chuck
"Hey you know better than to hassel the hoff" -Bill
by jack_hoffman April 30, 2012
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Noun; A person who is paid a lot of money at his profession, but, is inept.
My veterinarian pulled a hoffman and lost my dog. The pilot pulled a hoffman and fell asleep at the controls. The professional singer pulled a hoffman and forgot the lyrics.
by Doug Klast October 02, 2007
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The space between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip.
"Dude! that fucker had a long hoffman just like that actor Dustin Hoffman."

"I've got a lot of dead space on my face and better grow a moustache to cover my wasteful hoffman."

by mark v March 19, 2006
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A hoffman can be described as a douchebag,jackass,asshole,loser, jerks etc

They act very rude towards others and can be easily angered. They are very hot-headed so don't piss one off unless you're doing it for fun which most people do anyways. Even apologizing to a hoffman will result in the hoffman throwing a fit at you for what you've done to them.
They are very inept.

They're fun to mess with, but hoffmans will end up with no or few friends because of their behaviour which most people sorry for(not really).
Dylan: wtf, y u spill coke over my fukin pants feggit!

Peter: Dude, I'm sorry, I'll get you another coke for free as an apology

Dylan: hey fuk tht shiet man!!!1 i want 2 get myself my own coke and not 1 from u fag.

Peter: Whatever, I'm leaving , hoffman.
by Saanzan August 03, 2010
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tricks ass hoe, whore,slut,selfish,homewrecker, gold digger, someone who is extremely weak and indenial of there own problems.
did you see that hoffman walking around with sallys husband yesterday?
by your worst nightmarte March 04, 2010
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