Abbreviation for methamphetamine. A great alternative to sleeping, eating, showering and sanity. Can also cause user to feel the need to take shit apart for no good reason and they may also have hallucinations (aka shadow people). Also causes an increased desire for sex or extremely long masturbation sessions if sex is unavailable.
Hey would you like to go grab some lunch?

No thanks I just smoked a bowl of meth, so I'm gonna go jerk off for a while.
by Wasuntme March 5, 2014
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Abbreviation for the word Methamphetamine. A powerful stimulant, Meth affects the Dopamine Receptors in your brain, boosting dopamine units to 1500, over seven times more than ejaculation(meth scientifically feels better than nutting lmao). Use of the Substance is usually noted by dilated pupils, erratic behavior, irritability, paranoia, euphoria, strange speaking patterns, lack of attention span, etc. Affects of the substance include intense euphoria, anxiety relief, increased empathy, and more. It should be noted that the affects a substance will have on you are unique to you alone, for drugs like weed, the range of affects are limited enough that there is a lot of overlap in experience, but for drugs like meth, the range of affects and interactions is so high that it is possible for two people to feel two completely different things from the same dose of meth, from the same batch. Side affects can include addiction, paranoia, insomnia, lack of sleep, weight loss, irritability, soreness, hallucinations, withdrawal and more.

As a former user, I beg of you, please do not use this substance. I won’t tell you that you’ll be hooked immediately, hell, you might not even like it. But the risk is too big, and no matter how good it will make you feel, it won’t be enough to make up for it tearing apart your life if you let it. I’ve met many people who can control their addiction, but I’ve met 20x that who couldn’t. No matter what, be safe, and remember: never trust a tweaker
“Yo bro, you wanna hit this?”

“What is it?”




“So, you wanna hit it?”

“Only thing I’m bout hit is you, dumbass, put that shit down and take this dab. Give me that torch.”
by Goddamnimtiredofthisshit November 30, 2020
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Yo dud, want some meth

no hell no nigga im the police

*pew pew*
by Simon The Scientist December 26, 2017
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One of the stupidest things ever, it ruins everything, and is one reason why America is looked upon so bad.
Hey Rick, want to go smoke our meth?

Hold on, i got to go brush my tooth, you got to for that 7 day sleep i just had.
by Btabs1 July 12, 2010
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A terrible drug that ruins lives and only purpose is to be featured in Breaking Bad. Other then that, it contributes nothing.
Guy 1: Hey, man, wanna hear about meth?

Guy 2: Who cares if it isn't made by Walter White?
by CookPu69 February 4, 2014
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Short for methamphetamines. The most highly addictive illicit narcotic made from all sorts of deadly toxins: metals, cold medicines, rat poison, chlorine, bleach, etc. The drug is so dangerous and deadly, that it can explode when being produced incorrectly. Unfortunately, the drug has a strangle hold on America and destroys cities, families, and eventually the addict themself. It makes the addict lose their looks, teeth, health, personality, etc. On the streets its known as ICE, SPEED and CRYSTAL METH. The drug turns you into a loser and eventually a criminal and convict. It is highly addictive because it stimulates the central nervous system, giving a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Meth is the fastest-growing illegal drug in the United States, and is actually growing the fastest among caucasians in upper middle-class suburbs and rural areas.
Stay away from meth at all costs! Using it just once can create the addiction. This drug is a no-no and not to be messed with.
by April 1, 2009
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