1.) Spanish for poster.
2.) The Cartel Drug Lords are drug lords who are based in South America. They will kill you if you fuck with them.
1.) el cartel
2.) OH SHIT!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!! THE CARTEL BE COMIN 4 ME!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!
by billyjoebob November 15, 2004
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a group of people that smuggle drugs, human traffic, and getting bitches.
drug cartel
by niggahiga May 11, 2016
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Meaning the joining of busineses,secretly, not to compete with eachother. Usually verbally and in secret. People mistake this noun as a Hispanic Drug Smuggling Gang. That is true if you play Grand Theift Auto III
Syn.: Monoploy
Quick Mart and Super Fast made a cartel with eachother to offer the same prices and profit money together
by David Havird March 15, 2005
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A band that used to be real good but sold out during Band in a Bubble. Their new album is just fluff. If you want a real album, check out The Random or Chroma.
I turned on the radio and listened to "This City Never Sleeps" by Cartel and had a good time.
by petre448 January 2, 2008
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the act of killing or harming someone due to cartel influence
by travis111111111 January 30, 2014
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