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1. the act of shitting on ones face and smearing it with the anus. 2. legendary player on modern warfare 2 on xbox live.
1. yo man, last night this guy passed out at the party and i totally gave him a Poopyjack! 2. man i just got owned by Poopyjack.
by poopyjack June 02, 2010
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1. a man who likes to take it in the butt from kids 18 and younger.
2. a pedafile.
3. a person that usually wears glasses and has small genitals
1. "i hope poopyjack doesnt take my kids butt virginity"
2. "ugh! poopyjack is such a pedafile! he said that he was going to do dirty unmentionable things to my mouth."
3. "what a poopyjack."
by iloveyoutoandrue June 05, 2010
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