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Going poop and jacking off, not necessarily at the same time, but without getting up from the toilet.
I just had a great poopjack, it feels good and conserves time!
by GuitarMarshall January 28, 2011
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Rubbin one off in the john, while poopin'.
Ryan Hall left Music History to go poopjack and splooged all over himself. Fuck you, Ryan.


by B'jackoff October 15, 2004
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To hijack one's social media, usually to post status updates involving pooping.
Dan poopjacked Wendy while she was answering the door.
by ryemyles April 01, 2014
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The activity in which a male masturbates while defacating on the toilet.
Guy waiting in line for stall: "Hey how are long are you gonna be in there? Are you Poop-jacking right now?"

Guy in stall: "No I'm just pooping. I am browsing though."
by YeetYateYote July 18, 2018
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