Pollution is the combination of gas molecules and harmful molecules of degraded plastic, fossil fuels, and evaporated dinosaur urin.
Wow! What great pollution we’re having today, Dave!
by Globnorp.on.instagram February 14, 2018
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Crap on the TV screen during the programme that talks about what's coming up, what's coming next week.

Hey, this pollution on MTV is really sucking. I think I'll log on to IRC.
by Binfordman September 4, 2008
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A mechanical device, usually a car engine, set up in your backyard that does nothing but emit pollution. Just so those people who don't drive can also participate in atmospheric destruction, like their neighbours.
Irate Neighbour: Hey what's that engine running for in your backyard, it's noisy and smelly, and it's giving my kids asthma!
Resident: Whoa! Cool off man! Thats just my polluter!
by steveinakld July 31, 2012
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To pollute means to introduce a substance or object into an ecosystem that is unwanted by anything living there. Some people pollute by mistake or because they have no choice, others because they like pollution and want to annoy narrow-minded environmentalists.
That girl wants to pollute the river by dumping Windex in it just because she likes pollution.

That man is a wealthy industrialist whose factory pollutes the sky.
by ILoveMyTulpa September 5, 2014
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When someone is or was very drunk at some time.
I was polluted last night!
by dan moneau December 20, 2005
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The term used when someone is under the influence of BOTH drugs AND alcohol.
Wow, that guy is so 'polluted'
by FontE November 5, 2003
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having a sexual disease,, or giving head to a woman

often used by a famous group named “rubik
-hi Julie do you want some pollutions

-i already have them
-oh i mean POLLUTIONS

-of course hehe
by pollutionstime October 10, 2020
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