Deja de tocarme la polla! => stop touching my cock!
by ulon January 7, 2005
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A vulgar spanish word used mainly in spain meaning penis
¡Hostia puta esa polla era mas grande que una torre!
by tres pollas October 1, 2014
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Surprisingly enough, the Sinhala slang for a cock. Which originally means a baton or a stick, hence the name.
polla hapanna epa oi -> dont bite on my dick, bitch
by slbebi May 25, 2019
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spanish for dick. Also is a kind of bird.... but not in this context
Cómeme la polla. Eat (suck) my dick
by Picrico August 9, 2004
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Spanish slang for "cock-tease." Seen as a strong insult when directed toward either men or women.

This phrase is particularly used in this context in Spain.

"Polla caliente" literary means "hot cock."
Manuel: Yo quiero follarte, te lo juro.
Jose: No me chingues, polla caliente!

Manuel: I want to fuck you, I swear.
Jose: Don't fuck with me, cock-tease!
by kgacho August 22, 2009
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It's a Spanish expression that defines tiredness about something or can't handle it anymore.

When you are 'hasta la polla' you feel like you can not keep doing something or being in a specific situation anymore. Similar to 'sick of'
A literal translation would be 'up to the dick', so if you are tired of your uni exams you could say: 'I'm up to the dick of my exams'
I'm hasta la polla of my exams
I'm hasta la polla of this crazy temperatures
by I_Know_Nothing July 18, 2022
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