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Can be shy at time but once she come out her shell she is a true beauty.Humbled is not the only word to describe her as she is also fun and beautiful. She is not afraid to standout or try new things.She can be over dramatic at times but thats just her being her.
Deja is one of kind she has the once and a life times (beauty).
by dejaaboo013 May 11, 2014
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A bitch with a huge heart. She cares about all people and wouldn't hurt anybody unless given a reason to. Get on her bad side and you'll regret it. She's an amazing friend and an even better person.
"I'm gonna try to be as kind as Deja"
by Getlikekyia December 23, 2016
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Deja is an adventurous, compassionate, understanding person who is someone that when you meet your whole life changes for the better. She’s the type of person you could stay up late and talk for hours on end with and never run out of things to say. When you think of the name Deja the biggest smile you could imagine immediately spreads across your face and you can’t stop it. She’s like a really great movie that you never want to end because being with her doesn’t feel like real life. Deja’s the kinda of person that you want around in your life for a very, very long time.
Deja makes me feel like I have whales swimming around in my stomach. Not butterflies. Whales.
by July2nd2017 January 31, 2018
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The most talented, most beautiful, sexy as hell, fine dime, super saiyin, lucious lipz, funny....... in short the most perfect girl
That sexy girl is a Deja
by Seymour Hylton April 01, 2007
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The most amazing girl you will (n)ever meet. She has the most gorgeous eyes. The slightest glance of her brings a smile to your face. She's always in a good mood and a great person to be around. She has the sweetest sounding voice you could recognize in even the most crowded place on earth. She is beautiful from head to toe and has the most contagious smile. You will always remember the day you first met her. If you meet her consider yourself lucky.
If you meet Dej'a you will never forget her.
by thesum1 November 07, 2013
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The girl who trys to get along with everyone
The girl that makes you smile
The girl who can be anyone she wants
anything your looking for is Deja
likes to party

has a really pretty smile
and will alwasy be there for you no matter what
the only girl kinda girl you need in your life a deja.
by swaggkid45 April 26, 2011
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