A Japanese series of Animation and Games that was banned in Kansas for promoting "Evolution".
"Dammit Mom! Why are you taking away my Pokemon Cards!?" "Because it will teach you that you were a monkey once."
by Poop Deck May 30, 2007
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It began in Japan. Some guy, known as Okirocho Danana wanted to come up with it. So he did. Pokemon Blue hit the shelves in January '94. It began simply enough- catch all 151 pokemon, train a team and get "Blue" laid. A standard team at L100 was usually along the lines of Caterpie/Mewtwo/Chansey/Shoe/Machoke and of course one of the starters- Zekrom or Ice Beam. Completing the game was simple, though many criticized Nintendo selling the GameShark separately as a cunning marketing ploy. Once one had Gamesharked all 152 pokemon, the chairman of pokemon would send 55 virgins to your home.

The next generation of pokemon came in the form of Pokemon Gold, and now 251 to catch. GameSharking became an arduous process. It was commonplace to find Gamesharkless players selling crack/doing homework for a trade.

Then came Pokemon Violet. To catch the rarer pokemon like furret and castform, one had to attend Nintendo rallies and pledge allegiance to Skeletor.

Finally Pokemon Black/White came, with the new feature of DreamWorld. Although a dangerous tactic, Nintendo had decided to link their DS system with SEGA DreamCast, because it was such a good machine that it deserved to be given another go. Players were able to transfer one of two characters- Shenmue or Sonic- to their DS cartridge in place of their pokemon, as Shenmue is a dangerous mofo, and Sonic is nihilistic and racist against the Dark type, therefore the game was won upon transfer.
Pokemon Blue- A wild Caterpie appeared! Blue sent out Hitmonlee. Wild Caterpie used Flare Blitz! Its not very effective..... Blue's team was turned to dust....Blue blacked out like a pussy!

Pokemon Gold- Hi, would you like to go to rock tunnel? FUCK YOU, beat the elite four first!

Pokemon Pink- Vaporeon used Water Gun! Chansey's "soak all fucking attacks" made the move flaccid and useless.

Pokemon Black- Shenmue used generic martial arts stance. The foe's Dragonite shit itself!
by Atticus Pinch October 11, 2011
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These games by far beat any other games that you can think of. They usually have the same basic plot. You start out as a teenager and you choose a name for yourself. Then you meet the Professor that is unique to that one game. There are Prof. Oak(red, blue, yellow versions), Prof. Birch (gold, silver, and crystal versions), and then there's two more but i don't feel like going back to find out their names. I have one friend who I call Aquaman and he plays Pokemon like it's a religion. And he totally kicks ass at it too. I think everyone should try Pokemon at least once, but i'm not saying it's for everyone. So POKEMON4LyFe!!!
If you don't like Pokemon, then you must not have much of a life or whatever that pathetic thing is called.
by Master Zephire November 21, 2008
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Pokemon is a, consistently, best selling game for Nintendo's gameboy. The most recent versions, black and white, sold over one million copies the first day they were released in America (that's 1 in every 307 people!) The game, inspired by a man who would capture bugs, has been adapted into an anime, card game and manga.

Though the show itself is directed towards a much younger audience, the game is fairly complicated. Sadly, most people don't have the intelligence/patience to fully understand/appreciate the game.

The card game is pretty similar to the video game in that it takes a certain amount of intelligence to fully appreciate, though it is also very different.
My level 100 Scizor is a monster, here is why:
Nature: Jolly (+10%speed/-10%sp.att), ability: Technician (powers up weaker moves by 1.5x)
Stats: (up to 510 EVs for any Pokemon is allowed, I realize mine only add up to 508, but the last two don't matter.)
HP 275 (4 EVs, 25 IVs)
ATT 358 (252 EVs, 30 IVs)
DEF 226 (0 EVs, 21 IVs)
SPATT 108 (0 EVs, 5 IVs)
SPDEF 189 (0 EVs, 24 IVs)
SPD 248 (252 EVs, 28IVs)

If this makes no sense to you, you obviously know nothing about Pokemon. This is only one Pokemon (out of 649) and I haven't even listed its moves and why I chose the moves that I did. As far as humans are concerned, there are unlimited combinations of Pokemon when you take EVs, IVs, Natues, Abilities and Moves into consideration (a trainer may have up to six Pokemon on them at once.)
by Professor Willow August 25, 2011
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a very fun rpg video game that i at 18 still injoy about capurturing and figting with kick ass monsters sounds like fun to bad they went ruined in 97 98 by making a baby show about it ruing the 1995 video game
dude pokemon is awesome the game not the queer ass baby show
by xion May 07, 2005
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A disease that started in Tokyo. It first infected Gameboys in Japan in 1995. Then in 1998 the disease infected Gameboys in America. Soon channel WB11 was infected too, and now Cartoon Network. The ever-so-popular "Gameboy Advance" systems got infected in 2002, and still is. In 1999 the disease started spreading via cardboard aka "Pokemon Trading Card Game". "Nintendo 64" and "Nintendo Gamecube" are infected too. The disease is also spreading via plastic and metal in the toy isles at Wal-Mart, K-mart, toys-r-us, and every other toy store. It is now July 2004, almost 10 years after the start of this addicting, argument instigating disease and it is still out there, but not as bad as its most powerful years(1999-2001).
In 2000, I almost had a heart-attack from the Pokemon Disease!
by ---SeX--- July 22, 2004
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in simple terms, the-highly-underestimated-shit
(thats just the gameboy game)
however, the gameboy game, and the TV show, have a very strange story, they are about 10-year-old kids that go to different towns to have monster fights to try to win battles to become the best, shortly after the beginning of this life threatening series, the main character, Ash, who has a pokemon that electricutes him in just about every episode, decides to run around the rest of the city's (based on the names of colors, starting in Pallet town,) with a most likely much older adult who likes hard rock types and cute fire types.
2 friends are on a trip together, the one with the gameboy who played pokemon for 2 hours and is now asleep, is a total badass, his/her friend decides that he/she is bored and decides to play the friends gameboy, at firsts laughs that the kid is playing pokemon, but 2 hours later has evolved charmeleon into charizard, a much more badass version.. when friend A awakes to find that his pokemon game has been played, because he is a badass, he pulls out his real fucking pokeball, and beats the shit outta his buddy
by ArcticSoldier35 May 21, 2008
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