Something people diss because they have too much time or nothing to do. Probabaly posted by the same people who make other words into vulgar slang.

People who diss it would be:
1a.Good counterweights for trebuchets
1b.Good target for your new crossbow
1c.Good for testing the damage radius of a photon torpedo
1d.Shot from a catapult, instead of shooting cows

Pokemon is:
2a.Trading card game
2b.Gameboy Games
2c.TV Show
2d.Anything else i forgot...
1a.Lets see... 200 lb fat kid who hates pokemon for a 20 kg stone... it will demolish the castle!
1c.*KABOOM, pokemon hater is blown up and vaporized
1d.Were out of cows, load on the pokemon haters

2a.Pokemon cards
2b.Im not gonna take the time to list it all
2c.Pokemon shows...
by 284765826538605328656038 May 31, 2004
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a pretty cool video game with a pretty shitty anime to go with it...
Wanna come to my house and play me at "Pokémon Colosseum"?
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some show that gets all the jocks pissed off so they go around saying stupid stuff like

P1:"Dood, Pokemon sucks man, we're so cool we havce cars and a life, FAGS"

P2:"All right man! Awesome joke! gud 1!!!!"

to prove that they're so much cooler and "hardcore" and have a "life" (give me your definition).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for it, but it seems like the people who hate it are usually retarded.
"Dood, Pokemons sooo GAY FAGS QUEERS!!!!"

"lol gud 1"

*high five*

we're so cool, c'mon, lets sit on a couch and watch some guys play football.....
by Nutsacks April 07, 2006
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Originated from Japan, of course. Is a widely popular video game and card game, and also a long-running cartoon.

The cartoon has been airing for over a decade and is very predictable. Every episode is the same plot, or so it seems. Here is a breakdown.

-Show opens with Ash and his posse or varying members walking along, planning where they are going next or talking about an upcoming battle/competition.
-A new and mysterious pokemon appears, causing Ash to blow his load and prepare to battle and capture it.
-Cue the appearance of the pokemon's owner, usually a cute female trainer that Brock , Ash’s buddy, immediately falls for and is naturally rejected, probably cause she is freaked out by his lack of eyes.
-the team and the new female trainer friend continue on, by no coincidence they are usually headed to the same town/city as each other or entering the same competition. (Ash and this trainer inevitably end up being matched up against each other during this competition at some point, if this is the case. The episode is ended with this revelation in these cases.)
-Cue our first look at team Rocket, the main bumbling and inept rivals of the group. They are usually in the process of hatching a hair brain scheme to make money at this point. They then spot Ash and Co., who they refer to as “the twerps”, and their plan switches to a plan to catch Ash’s pikachu. (and the trainer friends pokemon, if it is a particularly rare or valuable one). Sometimes, the plan involves Team Rocket disguising themselves in some lame getups, that even an idiot could tell its them. But Ash and Co get fooled. EVERY. TIME.
-Cut to a pokemon center, where ash and co. are stuffing their gourds and then go to bed. If it’s the night before a big competition, you get a scene with Ash deep in thought first, with pikachu babbling incoherently.
-Cut to the next day, the group are either in some random field, or in a stadium preparing to battle. And here’s Team Rocket! They do their rather cool spiel then bring out some ridiculous contraption that they use to snatch pikachu and any other nearby pokemon, and then make their getaway. Ash is usually dumbfounded at first, then proceeds to give chase.
-You then see Team Rocket, who, for some unknown reason, have stopped to rest in the middle of a getaway. They usually use the line "the twerps will never find us here". Right. Little do they know, Ash has dispatched one of his flying pokemon and said pokemon has located TR and is watching them during their discussion. The pokemon hastily makes its return to Ash.
-We go back to team Rocket, who a re chillaxing, when all of a sudden, here’s Ash and company! Then we usually get a dumfounded reaction from T.R., wondering how they’ve been found. Normally, a small pokemon battle breaks out with Ash and Brock battling Team Rocket and their inept and usually shitty pokemon. During the battle Pikachu is freed in some fashion and returns to Ash.
-We then get Ash sicking pikachu on Team Rocket, usually with a thunderbolt. Team Rocket are sent blasting off with their “We’re blasting off again!” line.
-Then we have group celebrating their “victory”
-Finally, we go to a scene with the group and their female friend standing together. It’s usually sunset, and they are preparing to go their separate ways and doing the good-byes and good lucks to each other. We then see Ash and company walking from the back on heading for their next adventure.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Just get it outta here already! (or at least change it)

kid 1 : Wow you got the new Mewtoo card! I'll give you 3 arcanines for it
kid 2: You kidding? Not a chance dude!
kid 1: awww....well hey Pokemon is about to come on TV wanna watch it?
kid 2: Fuck no....way too boring and predictable. Who wants to see Team Rocket get their asses handed to them again
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 21, 2009
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A game that almost all 90s kids played, and a TV show that almost all 90s kids watched. The best Pokemon will ALWAYS be the first 150, now it's getting lame with the 450+ Pokemon, which now look like something out of a bad acid trip. The TV show was great when the theme song was "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was...", after that, it went down the drain. I loved to play the games even though I sucked and I would really like Pokemon to exist in real life. To me, having a Vaporeon or a Dragonair as a pet would be pretty flippin awesome.
You'll teach me and I'll teach you! POOOKEEEMOONN!!!!!!

Yes, I am a girl and love Pokemon, and no, I am not ashamed.
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Pokemon is a Great RPG Game.It uses,like most RPGs,A Leveling System in which the player uses His/Her pokemon to defeat other Pokemon to gain Experiance,or EXP.You can catch these pokemon,in a Capsule Item Named Pokeballs.There are different Types of Pokeballs,with the rarest and Most Effective being the Master Ball,Which only requires One Use,and the pokemon is Caught.There are 493 Known Pokemon,In which the 493rd,Arceus,Is the Alpha One,The God Of All Pokemon.
Most people are afraid to say they like pokemon,because they might think there friends will say its un-cool.Well,Newsflash,Just because THEY Dont't think it is cool,doesn't mean it isn't.There are Millions Playing Pokemon Games Worldwide.Thats how awsome it is.Its PLayed more that Halo,Call of Duty,Grand Theft Auto,andSonic the HedgeHog Games Combined.In 2008 and 2009,The DS Pokemon Game,Pokemon Platinum,Sold 1 Million Copies when it came out for Japan and The United States,respectively.Don't Listen to Other so called 'ganster' people,and people who want to be cool.Pokemon is a Great game.You'll never know until you try it,
DUDE!I caught a {Pokemon Name here}!
Ganster:"P0k3m0n $Ux0r$,iT$ lAm3r tHan yU-g!-0H!"
Person:"Pokemon is Cooler than Gansters will ever be!"
by Reed10021 August 06, 2009
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Little fuzzy things with cute names and triangular eyes. Pokemon are very passive and will allow humans to opress them, abuse them, and force them to live in little red balls.
"pikachu!" Ash screamed, "Stop humping Jigglypuff and go kill that stupid monkey-creature!"
by AmberAlmighty January 28, 2005
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