A game from the TV Show "Scrubs" where two people passive-aggressively make fun of a person standing nearby, slowly getting more and more critical/personal with the person. The game ends when the person tries to call you on insulting them, or one of the players makes nervous eye contact with the person, giving it away.
Example of Poke the bear:

(Dr. Cox enters the room from the room of a patient he cannot diagnose)
J.D.: So Turk, yesterday i had this patient I could just not diagnose.
Turk: Wow you must have felt like a real jackass.
J.D.: I did feel like a jackass, but then I was able to figure out what was wrong with them because I'm not a jackass, I'm a good doctor... Oh hey Dr. Cox, how are things?
by bearpoke92 March 22, 2009
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