When a man is stalked and picked up by a woman.
Friend: how did you guys meet?
She: I saw him walking down the street and found him interesting so I followed him. Then I poached him!
by glenzo August 1, 2018
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A Synonym for salty, cheesed, cringed, angry, upset, frustrated, pissed.
Omg I forgot my charger at home, I'm so poached.
by Motherfuckerjones40 December 16, 2016
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To be really stoned.
''He's so poached, he dosent know what he's talking about'
'Dude, I'm so poached after that cone'
by Yewyewyeww April 7, 2016
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To hire a worker away from a competitor
Wow, ABC research firm just poached our best programmer.
by Stoolie January 2, 2014
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To flirt or hit on someone.
Yo, lets hit up the pool for some cheeky late night poachin'!
by Notorious D.I.Z. July 1, 2011
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To go after other women, while currently in a relationship. i.e. hunting out of season
He was down at the bar poaching again....
by Matt Larson July 6, 2005
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Don poached my girl, so now they're going out and I'm single.
by A-nizzle May 30, 2004
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