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n. 1. An extra guest allowed on an invitation to a social event. 2. A woman/man picked up in a social setting by a man/woman with the sole intention of having a sexual rendezvous.
1. As was allowed in the invitation to the dinner party, he brought an attractive Plus-1. 2. Let's go somewhere else. I'm in search of tonight's Plus-1, and there aren't many prospects here.
by mattyku February 9, 2009
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off of Sex and the City, some sort of slang term for the person you bring with you to a party to act as a fake date so as to keep others from hitting on you. (my guess is as good as yours)
I want to go to a party, wanna be my plus 1?
by Greg January 1, 2004
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it's a 9mm it's for example used in the track "da mistery of chessboxing" from the Wu-tang clan
"so grab your 8 plus 1 start flippin"
by Mirko G. August 13, 2005
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a legitimate English term to describe DK
"you're perfect"

"you're perfect plus 1"
by ebmkratpack May 27, 2013
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A 1 plus 1 is a particularly easy girl. Can also be referred to as 'the village bicycle'.

Let's face it, there really isn't anything easier than 1+1 now is there?
Bob: "So, you think I should go out with Suzy?"
Steve: "Oh yeah, you'll totally get some that girl is a real 1 plus 1."
by Lochnivar November 14, 2009
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A rule for gauging a girl's level of hotness when dancing on them in the club when you are intoxicated.

Simply begin by judging her hotness out of 10, then divide that number by 2, and add 1.

NOTE: Will not work for girls who you rate less than a 2, but if your drunk and you think they're a 1, why would you dance with them in the first place?!
- Dude I was dancing with this shawty last night, she was a easily an 8!

--Chris, how drunk were you?

-Really spaced dude!

-- Better use the divide by 2 plus 1 rule then.

- Damn, she was only a 5 :(
by GCSRT8 February 29, 2012
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