to be incredibly stupid and ignorant
what a stupid plead

kill that damn plead
by frajae November 08, 2004
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verb, to plead the fifth

In a United States court case, to cite one's own Constitutional right in the Fifth Amendment to "remain silent" as a defendant, or to not be forced to testify against one's self. This is why a lawyer cannot simply force a defendant into a confession while under oath.

you will look very suspicious when saying it tho
by cheesisnice August 02, 2019
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To start a story and to promise to finsih it at some later ill defined point in time.
There was this huge commotion going on downtown, but I don't have time for that right now so I'll just plead a Mindy for l8r.
by Symply Fargone April 15, 2012
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Name of the mental mechanism that allows people to make exceptions to an otherwise self-accepted statement without being hounded by guilt.
Special Pleading in action:
Jack and Kyle are in line at a pizzeria. Jack notices that Kyle ordered 4 slices of pizza and a liter of Coke. Jack thinks that Kyle is a fatass for doing so.

The next day, Jack orders 4 slices of pizza and a liter of Sprite and downs it all for lunch. But, as he's putting the pizza to bed, all he thinks about is how especially hungry he is after skipping breakfast that morning.
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v. To decline to give self-incriminating information. Refers to the fifth amendment of the US Constitution, which states that no citizen "shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself..."
Joe: Bob, did you ever do drugs in high school?

Bob: I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one, Joe.
by Gargouille July 07, 2005
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When in a losing argument an observer tells you to give up your argument and drink a beer. (the 21st amendment repealed prohibition)
Zach, I'm married to a teacher, and can tell you that you are fighting a losing battle right now. Just plead the 21st and move along.
by Fritos4Free July 28, 2011
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A refusal to answer a question because the response could hold self incriminating evidence.
Cop: We know you have drugs in this house. Where are they?!

You: Ask me anymore questions and I plead the 5th!
by RiaLee March 19, 2008
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