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A joke between FPS players: "Okay team, try to lose the game using any method; including, but not limited to: Becoming a 10 year old and screaming directly into the potato that is your microphone and incapacitating your entire team's auditory capabilities, and then proceeding to become one with the cancer cell that composes your tiny, insignificant, and overall useless joke of a brain, and going on to spread your parasitic cancer by bouncing from server to server and not stopping until the entire gaming community: past, present, and future, is infected and the human race becomes one giant fidget spinner that has lights built into it. This fidget spinner will then proceed to spin fast enough so that the centripital force it generates, sucks in the remainder of the entire multiverse and turns everything that is created and will ever be created into the dreamworld of a 10 year old's imaginations of the most malevolent beings that are so due to their indescribable capacity of maximum annoyances that are, to any other non-infected mind, actions that causes death by means of ear drums shattering apart into the very center of the brain, which then causes an uncontrollable outburst of pure, and unrefined rage and depression; this then turns the pitiful victim into a inhuman beast that forces itself to run to the nearest bottle of Windex and chug it until it kills the harborer for the cancerous, parasitic, contagious virus only known to those who remain as: "10yrOldw/aMic.""
by ItHasToBeDone July 05, 2017
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