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having a lend, taking the piss
A phrase used in some parts of Australia by Bogans that watch Rugby League.


a)Hey do you know Souths beat Brisbane?
b)No way! Did they?
a)Of course not.
b) That's a deadset gee up, that'll do me.
by Jango Fett August 05, 2006
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Another phrase from the Bogans that watch Rugby League in Australia. It is the abbreviated for of; That will suffice nicely.
Person a) Hey, I was just right up your mum, right up to the tree line.

Person b)That'll do me. Is that a deadset gee up?

Person a) Na, true story.
by Jango Fett August 15, 2006
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When you say or do something quite ridiculous a friend should always be on hand to remind you of your mistake. Usually best said when someone has said something ill timed or embarrassing.
a) So mate, what's doing with your sister? Can I root her?

b) Deadset, give yourself an uppercut
by jango fett October 18, 2009
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Yes, you guessed it, another Rugby League saying: When one has been wronged in the extreme. The copped it is a shortened version of being on the end of an anal intrussion. The vass, is an abreviated word for vasoline, the lubricant that you wish the person who wronged you would provide.
a. After careful consideration we are going to give the role of national sales director to Nathan.

b. But I've been here 18 years! Nathan has only been here 18 weeks! I've copped it without vass.

How do you reckon The Eels will go in the grand final?

I reckon they will cop it without vass.
by Jango Fett October 08, 2009
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To play a practical joke on someone. yet another Bogan saying from the Rugby League loving Australians.
a) Lets send your dad to get his Johnson smoked at the local brothel.

b) OK, but it would be alot funnier if he got smoked by an Asian ladyboy. Even better if he only found out she was a ladyboy after he blew!

a) That would be a carve up.

b) It would be a deadset gee up.

a) true story talk about having to man up.
by jango fett August 16, 2006
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Meaning that the previously mentioned statement, vision or joke is approved. Some say That's Tops was actually better than That's Gold which replaced that's tops as a way of giving the saying more "vission".
a) This picture of Gollum from lord of the rings looks just like you, that's tops that'll do me

b) I've got nothing It's a carve up
by jango fett October 11, 2009
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Essentially the word is gone. In some parts of Australia it is considered very amusing if the word is strung out and extended to rub in the intended ridicule associated with having it said to you. It can also pass as way of describing deceased.
a) Mate, how'd your team go in the finals?

b) They're goooooone


a) How's your grandad going?

b) He's goooooone

a) That'll do me
by jango fett October 13, 2009
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