"Hey, look, he's feeling fidgety. Give him a fidget spinner before he crumples all the napkins!
by ADHDfidget May 2, 2017
A spinning toy that AUTISTIC children play with.I have 21 one of them.
Little timmy you autistic fuck stop playing with your fidget spinner
by RobloxExploitPro December 2, 2018
a spinning thing that is meant for people with ADHD but some idiots use it as well. also referred to as autistic shurikien
person:"Hey nice fidget spinner, can I have a go?"
person2:"Fuck off"
by a kind of cool doughnut May 18, 2017
Useless things that were made for add kids and became cool.
Also known as: Midget Spinner, Virgin spinner and go get fucking life spinner.
Can be seen in the fidget spinner by derpy slurpy. Go look it up beotch
Jeff:look at my awesome 1000000000 dollar fidget spinner
Derpy Slurpy: i got two so i get all the ladies. Go fucking kill ur self beotch
a device originally designed to help those with ADHD. unfortunately it has become the cancerous symbol of 12 year old boys
Person 1: Omg look at that little kid! He's playing minecraft!
Person 2: Dude, it's not cool to make fun of kids
Person 1: Hold up. He's got a fidget spinner too!
Person 2: Yea he's fair game
by | amazing grace | July 6, 2017