"Hey, look, he's feeling fidgety. Give him a fidget spinner before he crumples all the napkins!
by ADHDfidget May 2, 2017
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a device originally designed to help those with ADHD. unfortunately it has become the cancerous symbol of 12 year old boys
Person 1: Omg look at that little kid! He's playing minecraft!
Person 2: Dude, it's not cool to make fun of kids
Person 1: Hold up. He's got a fidget spinner too!
Person 2: Yea he's fair game
by | amazing grace | July 6, 2017
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A spinning toy that AUTISTIC children play with.I have 21 one of them.
Little timmy you autistic fuck stop playing with your fidget spinner
by RobloxExploitPro December 2, 2018
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a spinning thing that is meant for people with ADHD but some idiots use it as well. also referred to as autistic shurikien
person:"Hey nice fidget spinner, can I have a go?"
person2:"Fuck off"
by a kind of cool doughnut May 18, 2017
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A toy originally used by ADHD kids to keep hands busy and focused on other things, but then abused by middle schoolers to become a carcinogenic autistic weapon. These instruments of mental retardation can range from two to hundreds of dollars, and offer nothing more than mindless pacification for kids, and suicidal tendencies for adults.
Timothy's mother wiped away tears, having to sell the house her family lived in for a century in order for her boy to buy the Ultra-Lubricated, Super Spinner 2.1x Pro. Although the fidget spinner didn't seem any different than the ones at the grocery store, Timothy promised that it spun over 1,000 times per minute, making it the most powerful one on the market.
by Triplecard333 August 8, 2017
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