A toy used for mental illnesses or something of at nature, like ADD, but is used as an expensive 'cool' thing to have by teenagers. Including elementary schools too.
Alex: Lemme see ur fidget spinner
Jake: No dude I spent $30 on this fidget get ur own
Alex: Just a spin?
Jake: u got ADD?
Alex: Nah dude
Jake: I do. So no.
by RitoshiHusky May 04, 2017
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The dumbest fad to ever catch on with retarded teens. Playing with these will fidgetize you.
"I need my fidget spinner to have friends"
by kevo02 May 13, 2017
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A lame toy that was originally invented to stop kids with severe autism or ADHD from interrupting class. This cancerous trend is also the reason why the number of kids being diagnosed with autism and ADHD has skyrocketed in the last year, and I will smack any little brat who puts one of those cocksuckers anywhere near my face.
Annoying kid: Hey, look at meeeeeee!!!! I got a fidget spinner!!! it cost $500, I'm so cool now!!!
Me: Get that piece of shit out of my face or I'll cram it down your throat, you little shit swallowing sheep shagger!!! Remind me to kill your parents for blowing $500 on that garbage, and for not getting that abortion 8 months before you were born.
Annoying kid: M'kay, byeeeeeeeee!
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by A WHITE GUY June 18, 2017
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a device made with originally good intentions made into a cringey trend angsty 12 year olds follow to conduct faggotry
"Haiiiii!!!!!1111!! do you guys like my light up seizure inducing chrome metal hugely overpriced unnecessary fidget spinner!??!!!?"
by Somerandomrealist May 30, 2017
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A stupid toy for Autism that is now used by a bunch of dumb teens worldwide.
"This fool came to school with a fidget spinner like he's Autistic or something."
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by Herban Dicktionary April 01, 2017
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Synonymous with stupid, retarded, dumb, or autistic. Can be used in multiple forms.
Ex: If you can't graduate high school, you're a fidget spinner.

Ex: "Come back here with my bike you fidget spinning pile of shit"
by no thot May 09, 2017
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