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A “Play Boy” is an older word for a “Player.” They are basically the same type of character.

Play Boys are essentially “bullshit artists” who are always trying to get laid.

A play boy usually dresses flashy, has a fancy car, jewelry, new technology and thinks he is God’s gift to women. Many women are impressed by their lying antics, fancy cars and big screen TV’s, so it is hard to feel too sorry for them as they downward spiral into a bad relationship with a play boy.

Play Boys usually hate their mothers, at least deep down, and, in turn, hate all women because of this. Women to them are to be used sexually and then thrown away when they get “clingy.” Many times, their mothers were control freaks, half-insane or slept with a wide assortment of abusive men while the “play boy in training” was growing up.

Play Boys are usually personable but have a sociopathic tendency, which makes them bad friends. In time, after they gain your trust, they will try to sleep, many-times successfully, with your wife, daughter, sister, and, sometimes, mother, if she is young enough.
"Keep your eyes open on Reiner, he is one evil play boy."
by Ian De La Rosa September 20, 2013
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There are mainly 2 definitions:

1. The well known magazine that has a lot of beautiful naked girls.

2. A playboy is a man dedicated to chasing pieces of ass around, while sworn to a life of debauchery. He professes his love to all and commits to no one. The Playboy wines, dines and sixty-nines. Can also be called a PB.
1. Im suscribed to Playboy magazine, girls are so hot in it.

2. Dam! That dude is a fucking PB! He shagged Jennifer yesterday morning, he fucked her sister in the evening, and now hes gonna get laid by Monica.
by The PB December 06, 2004
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1. Someone who confesses love to everyone and commits to no one also know as pb

2. A magazine with hot naked girls
OMG He's such a playboy! Like he has sooo many GFs its pittyful
by xtreame llama July 21, 2015
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1. An old-fashioned term refering to a perpetual bachelor who is extremely successful with beautiful women.

Women typically want to be with a playboy, they often want to marry him, and some obsess over him. The playboy cares about the women who love him, and can be tormented by how often he hurts them.

A playboy has an intrinsic confidence, the primary source of his attraction. A playboy does not "try" to sleep with women. It would be beneith him. This is merely a side-effect of a charming evening.

The term "playboy" should not be mistaken for the more contemporary "player." Players tend to have low self-esteem and attempt to sleep with women in order to gain self-confidence, a stark distinction from the playboy.

2. A girly magazine, the target audience for which is older, married men who are no longer able to be playboys themselves and boys too young to be playboys, usually the sons of the primary target group.
1. You're a bit of a playboy aren't you?
Oh, I don't know.
It's okay, I'm going to sleep with you anyway.

2. Did you get your dad's playboy?
Yeah, I've got it right here!
by The Playboy February 18, 2010
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A rich unattached man who is a magnet for girls. Sometimes because of his looks and money but mostly for his money.

This guy usually is off to his next adventure with the latest squeeze on his arm.

He is carefree and will get more pussy in a month than you will see in a lifetime of Playboy magazines.

He is despised by men who dont have money or looks.

He is the male version of a whore.
He has a reputation as a playboy.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
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1. a man, wanting to live life to the fullest, tends to crave adventure and is always looking forward to accomplishing something new.

2. A man of comfortable means, exudes confidence, and naturally attracts others to him, especially beautiful women.

3. A magazine targeted towards the male population. It focuses on nudity and male related issues.
Sir Richard Branson, billionnaire, thrill seeker and yes, a playboy.
by Militarybadboy September 14, 2011
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