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An amazing guy that can be a jerk but is extremly funny and sweet. He smells amazing and is average height. He may not be your first choice in a guy, but after you date him you'll want him forever. He listens to everything you say and he's protective if someone hurts you. you can trust him with anything and know he won't tell anyone because it's just who he is. He's a great football player and swimmer. He won't leave you for someone else, but you have to watch because that's his problem, if he finds someone else he may date them and you too. But that isn't common, he's a great guy and one of the best boyfriends a girl could have. He's cute too and the best kisser on the planet. And a girls dream guy after you get to know him.
"You're so funny and amazing! you must be a Chandler."
by A.L.L.People November 23, 2011

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A guy who jumps from girl to girl without remore. He's a Player that you should steer away from if its possible. He's a sweet talker and makes you believe whatever he says even when your heart tells you he's lying you can't leave him and give up. No matter what don't fall for a man whore, he will break your heart. Hes no good for you but if hes good at what he does, youll fall in love with him and you cant get away. He will text other girls while dating you and will constantly flirt, if theres one of the other girls around he will either ignore both of you or one of you to make the other person jealous.
Girl 1: He made me love him and broke my heart :'(
Girl 2: Dont worry hun, he's a cheating man whore!
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011

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Knowing something is incredibly stupid that makes sense to do, but you know you'll get your ass kicked for doing it. And still you step up and do it because no one else will. Or confronting you're worst fears but acting like it's nothing and facing down the fear.
A professor in a university once stressed a huge test that was coming up that was worth 3/4 of your total semesters grade. When the students got the test they were stunned. There was only one question:
What is bravery?
all the students got to work and wrote for hours, except one he tapped his pencil on the desk, smiled, andtook the test up to the teacher. It was handed back to him with a 100% at the top.
The students answer was:
This is Bravery.
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011

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A cheating guy. Characteristics?
1. great at making girls fall for him; also at breaking hearts.
2. Moves from girl to girl
3. is never 100% faithful.
4. once a player always a player
5. talks to other girls while saying hes 'in love' with you and tells them the same thing
6. never know when to stop and cant realize whta they have
7. Usually attractive but dont let the pretty face fool you, hes ugly inside.
8. he will NEVER learn don't listen to him when he tries to get you back in his 'collection'
9. No matter how he looks at you orwhat he says or anything else says, you aren't any different from the dozens or other girls hes talked to.
10. he probably will not ackowledge you in person but will make up anexcuse for it later through text
If love isn't a game why are there so many Players (s)?
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011

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Sweet-talker, but a man-whore. He dates girls but isnt faithful most of the time. He's either average hieght or extremly tall. He will steal a girls heart as soon as he talks to them but he wont have any intention of making you his until much later, if ever. Be careful when you are talking or dating an Austyn for you may end up heart broken. But he's a great kisser and smells amazing and he's warm hearted often. He will listen to your problems and help you and give great advice, but he doesn't actually care or he wouldn't leave you for someone else. He's over protective, tells you what you want to hear, and he's well what every girl wants but can't have. He's a Heart Breaker.
Girl 1: Wow i cant believe him! he was such a jerk to me!
Girl2: Yeah, he was an Austyn.
by A.L.L.People November 23, 2011

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Someone who is always there for you when you need them. They wont turn their back on you and wil listen to what you have to say before going off and complaining about their life unless it's extremly important or they are giving you advice and need to give an exapmle of something that happened to them in order to help you. They are there no matter what and will cry with you, laugh with you, beat the crap outta that person who hurt you, take your back in a fight, never betray you, and someone who will defend you even if you arent around. But you're going to fight, get over it. they were there for you and if something happens you'll need them at your back so suck it up and make up. You'll be glad you did later.
Girl 1: wow...i cant believe she did that to me...
Girl 2: you dont need her you've got a true friend right here! ill beat the crap outta her!!
Guy 1: He was totally hitting on my girl!! I swear if i lose her!...
Guy 2: Don't worry about it his face is to ugly for her to leave you. If he steals her ill shove his face into the turf on the field!!
by A.L.L.People December 05, 2011

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A girl who listens to music and is a bit crazy but she's a good person and tries to help people. If she doesn't like someone or something she will make it known. A bit annoying at times but she's human. Very pretty and quiet.
Person1: wow the new girl is so quiet..it's strange.
Person2: Yeah she's such a shandice.
by A.L.L.People November 23, 2011

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