Shit that gets on your teeth when you eat
I need to brush my teeth because I have so much plaque
by Cookie Monster2010 June 29, 2021
Similar to plague but said by better,yet mentally challenged, people.

Refers to bad people.
Boy: Do you know that guy?
Girl: The plague?
Boy: Nah mate, the plaque
Girl: ROFL on the floor
Verb- The act of going to random drive thrus and handing out plaques to unsuspecting employees. This is a variation of coneing, except it doesn't involve being a complete douchebag and actually makes the employees feel good, until they realize that it's all a joke. Plaques can be bought at any dollar tree store!
The two children went plaquing because they realized that coneing was way overblown and it wasn't that funny anyway.
by Therealdivine August 11, 2011
A commemorative or identifying inscribed tablet listing the names of women's bootys one has enjoyed.
Yo, see that fine honey, the one that's stacked? I just rubbed her booty, her name goes on my booty plaque.
by Baller and Player May 14, 2008
Shit that builds up in one's head as a result of daily living and experience.

Mental tartar.
I need some mental-floss, there's just too much shit clogging my head.

Did you let the dog out? Uhh, I don't know.
by s6 July 5, 2005
When picking, or scratching, the plaque off of one's teeth to clean one's teeth of bacteria. This is usually done when one feels bumpy stuff on his/her teeth which is plaque or when one cannot brush one's teeth properly.

There are a few ways to do it:

1. Going to the dentist every 6 months.
2. Using one's nail to scratch one's teeth and putting the plaque onto a tissue daily or after every meal.
3. Using a sharp object of some sort to scratch one's teeth and putting the plaque onto a tissue daily or after every meal.
4. Any other way one would like.
One : Hey your teeth have gotten whiter, lately.
Two : Yeah! I've been picking the plaque everyday!
One : Wow! That's nice. My dentist doesn't even do that for me because he's so cheap.
Two : It's a lot better doing it yourself because it's more reliable and it's a free daily ticket to white teeth!
by Choysen July 23, 2010
Humorous justification for one's lack of teeth or dental health.
Teeth are for gay people, that's why they're collected by fairies. Don't believe me? That's the plaque conspiracy.
by SlowAsBalls2 April 2, 2010