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Unindated with activities that produce a devilish and sometimes illegal glee.
Answering the phone: "Sorry, I'm sinundated right now- can't talk...that nymph is over and we are half-way into a bottle of Patron Silver and other inebriants, heavy fornication just around the corner...she is modeling the Victoria's Secret outfits again- this is just way too much fun. Completely and utterly sinundated, man."

"I got a smile wrapping its way completely around my head."
by s6 January 25, 2008
Means, I ain't gettin none. Girlfriend gives me that look...difficult and deadly. Worse than Steve Irwin getting stung.
Man, I text-messaged that chick from New Zealand, Stacey, we're both members of International High IQ Society... friends...we're reviewing daily BS, plus I'm 6,000 miles away in SoCal, and my girl gave me THAT FACE after she picked up my Blackberry and scanned my messages...which meant NO PUSSY.
by s6 October 11, 2006
A man that will sleep with any woman.

A man or woman that will "shack up" with anything that moves.
Man, that dude's a shackapopolus, he would sleep with his own sister.

This place is crawling with shackapopoluses, let's get out of here.

Errol Flynn was a great example of a shackapopolus.

Don't get too close to Tina, she's a real shackapopolus.
by s6 June 27, 2005
Most of the people that are supposed to be your match on match.com.

Millions of folks on dating "services" world-wide.

95% of the women within a 10 mile radius of my house.
How did your date go with that chick from Match.com? Definitely notamatch...she didn't look anything like her picture and is like 52 years old instead of 36.
by s6 July 5, 2005
Taking over a thread on a message board by taking a part of the original posted topic, twisting it around and "hijacking" the thread itself. What happens is that the original content contained in the post becomes moot and whatever the "Thread Jacker" has manipulated the content to be becomes the new content thereby "hijacking" the original intent of post. People now respond to the "thread jacker's" input and the that becomes the focus of the tread.
LK25 did an excellent job of thread jacking Koko's post on Dennis Landolt.

Koko's posted topic on Dennis Landolt (PSU Football player) and comments regarding his development on Penn States FOS site becomes indictment of whole offensive line:

KokobewareHI: "Why do I feel like this thread is about to get hijacked? What happened to my original question?"

PSUnittany: "LK25, the thread was about Landolt & his progress...and (of course) you spin it into another "the staff is lazy at recruiting - we are doomed!" threads...It's so tiresome. Please link me to any threads that you don't hijack & ruin. Thank you."

OCCalif: "Although LK25 has jacked this thread to a degree, I feel his concerns are somewhat valid- we should be concerned about our offensive line."
by s6 October 3, 2006
Someone who's bark is worse than their bite. Someone who's comments should not be taken too seriously.
Man, don't worry 'bout what those dudes say, they's nerfdogs and don't mean it.

Never mind what those nerfdogs say, that sh*t will never happen.
by s6 June 27, 2005
Juxtaposition of letters creating words indicating either a clever talker or a sexual act that is, perhaps, preceded by that very same clever banter. Most women, I think, probably prefer a "cunning linguist" in more ways than one.

BTW, my old softball team, Cypress, California, was named the cunning linguists, and we "licked" most of our competition.
Robert spoke so many languages, had a such a gift with words, and was so handsome that women would practically throw themselves on the hood of his 740i after each game. He was a prime example of a cunning linguist.

Julian McMahon played the part of a cunning linguist on the TV show "Nip/Tuck".
by s6 March 4, 2006