placeboing is when you take something you think is a drug, but isnt, and instead of tripping on a drug you trip out because your brain thinks you took a drug. causes anything from mild paranoia to city-wide power outtages.
Dude, i ate this shroom i found on some shit and went crazy. didnt see any purple ninja unicorns though..

You were probably placeboing dude.
by wishiwasbritish May 17, 2010
A pill that makes you think that you're getting better.

See Sugar Pill
Take two placebos, then you can call me lame...
by Arley April 12, 2004
Bob took a placebo and was cured of his cancer.
by Energy Turtle December 3, 2007
One of the cooler kids on the internet, ie, me. Plays Unreal Tournament 2004 and designs websites; posts a lot on the AtariCommunity UT forums, Appleinsider forums, and Inside Mac Games forums.

No, I'm not really this egocentric.
"OMFG, did u see placebo's topic?"
by placebo February 11, 2005
This is mind over matter; when somebody believes that something will happen to his health, it does even when it wouldn't have otherwise. This generally happens when doctors tell patients that their health will improve even though there's no logical reason to believe that; the patients' optimism then helps heal them.
The doctor gave Jimmy sugar capsules and told them it would cure his headaches; it did even though the capsules didn't do anything. Classic placebo effect!
by iLikeSoup February 17, 2010