Placeboism was founded by freakbymistake and drink_u_pretty_ to honour and worship the band, Placebo. We believe in polytheism because we worship THREE Gods: Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Hewitt
Dear Gods that are Placebo please make my mother buy me your album for my birthday
by DeeDee Ramone January 3, 2005
1) A pill that contains nothing medically useful or harmful for the body, but is still meant to treat you using the placebo effect, which is
2) an as yet unproven effect where the body cures itself in the belief that it is going to be cured.
The placebo shows a success rate in nearly one third of the people it was tested on.
by Gunkglumb May 28, 2005
Innefective medication given to someone to psychologically make them well. They think that they have been given medication that makes them better so their mind makes themself get better because they think the drug is taking effect. Confusing.
Dr. Jimbob: We got a guy at the front desk complaining that he is critically ill. I don't think he is though, I mean I've checked him over and he's fine.

Dr. Thomas: Just give him a placebo, that should sort it.
by Craig March 26, 2005
i went to placebos most recent sydney concert!! whoooo!! hehe brian molko is just so damn hot. best.night.ever.
placebo is the shit.
by grunge goddess April 11, 2004
When someone..say, gives a stupid blonde girl a little tiny cup of vodka and then she thinks she's drunk...
or someone puts grass in a pipe and tells you its marijuana but you think you are high. ohhh shit that bitch just got placebooo'd
by F Schnitzel August 22, 2007
Person A: What does John even do around here?
Person B: Nothing, he's a placebo
Person A: Huh?
Person B: You know, he works by doing nothing.
by allgoodnamesrtaken January 6, 2010
the coolest band in the entire fucking world.with amazing drumming,kick ass guitars and bass,woven along with brian molko's haunting vocals,you'd be an idiot not to go to one of their shows.
every you every me is classic placebo material..
by queen bitch April 16, 2005