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Easily the largest community of officers in the United States Navy, SWOs drive ships, launch missiles, oversee safety procedures, control the public affairs outlook of ships, plan tactics, conduct safety inspections, make sure the engines are running smoothly, stand watches, maintain weapons caches, ensure smooth power flow, throw everyone around them under a bus so they can sleep and/or get promoted, cry nonstop, attempt to commit suicide but fail because they have absolutely no energy, and much more. Basically, they do everything on a ship with the notable exceptions of: sleep, have free time, and enjoy their life.

Despite the financial, educational, and prestige incentives, the Navy has an extremely difficult time retaining SWOs because their lives suck so badly. It's generally the last choice of designators, filled by people who either have to serve in the Navy because it paid for their college, or lunatics who volunteer to be a SWO and almost immediately regret their decision.
Navy Pilot: Hey guys, wanna go to a bar after work?
Intel Officer: Sure!
SEAL Officer: Sounds like a good idea.
Supply Officer: I'm in.
Public Affairs Officer: Definitely!
Surface Warfare Officer: After work? Work never stops...ever...(cries)
by iLikeSoup March 12, 2011
This is mind over matter; when somebody believes that something will happen to his health, it does even when it wouldn't have otherwise. This generally happens when doctors tell patients that their health will improve even though there's no logical reason to believe that; the patients' optimism then helps heal them.
The doctor gave Jimmy sugar capsules and told them it would cure his headaches; it did even though the capsules didn't do anything. Classic placebo effect!
by iLikeSoup February 17, 2010
Acai is a berry native to South America that is pretty healthy, but hasn't been scientifically proven to be any healthier than many other types of berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries. However, since many gullible people have never heard of acai berries, they jump at ridiculous advertisements which claim their acai berry extracts will help them lose weight. Incidentally, many of the companies selling these extracts are pyramid schemes.
Fat woman: I can't lose this excess belly fat! I've tried everything except for a sensible diet and exercise plan. What ever should I do?
Snake oil salesman: Have no fear! For only $299.99/month plus shipping and handling, you can order some acai berry extract!
FW: Does it work?
SOS: Yes.
FW: Can you prove it?
SOS: Yes.
FW: Sounds good to me! How do I sign up?
by iLikeSoup March 12, 2011
A "doctor" who uses fear mongering and clever marketing ploys to get repeat business instead of proven scientific methods. Much of what chiropractors do is based on the pseudoscience of sublaxation. A chiropractor will happily take all of your money to crack your back and neck. If you see one and don't get worse or lose all of your money, consider yourself lucky.
Chemistry Ph. D: I have a doctorate so you can call me doctor. I understand science much better than a chiropractor does. If I buy a white coat, will you give me $90/week for the rest of your life to crack your back?
by iLikeSoup May 8, 2010
In theory, this is the "privilege" that thin people earn for being thin, including not being perceived as lazy, lower healthcare costs, increased likelihood of finding a sexually attractive partner, increased earnings potential, and more. While all of the preceding examples may be true, it misconstrues the definition of privilege. Privileges are given, not earned, and the recipients and those without them can do nothing to change them. White privilege is a good example of that; either you're born white or you're not. Thin privilege, on the other hand, is often worked for by people who would otherwise be fat but instead eat right and exercise. Therefore, thin privilege doesn't actually exist.
Doctor: Ms. BBW, I'm afraid that if you don't start working out regularly and cutting down the saturated fat very soon, you'll likely be dead before you're fifty.
Fat girl: What? How dare you say that?!! THIN PRIVILEGE RACIST!!! There's nothing I can do about it, this is my body type! *Wolfs down a Big Mac.*
Doctor: How did you get a hamburger in here? Nevermind; did you know that about 100 years ago, obesity was very rare? Fast forward three or four generations. People live increasingly sedentary lifestyles, eat more, and the food they eat is higher in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. You're saying this is all a coincidence?
Fat girl: What do you know about science and medicine? I have a random article that proves I'm right! YOU CAN'T HANDLE MUH CURVES!!!
by iLikeSoup November 3, 2013
A public university located in the small town of Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is a fairly large school that is often confused with University of Miami (located near the Florida city). Its athletic teams are known as the Redhawks and play in the Mid-American Conference, or MAC. A very high proportion of the student body belongs to a fraternity or sorority, which is somewhat unusual amongst Midwestern universities.

Miami supporters like to claim that it's a public ivy, and while there is a credited list of public ivies, it's fairly large and includes Ohio State University among dozens of others. Miami supporters also like to claim that Miami is the best public university in the state of Ohio; however, OSU is much better-known and consistently ranks above it in practically every college ranking publication. Most people outside of academia or the state of Ohio consistently confuse this school with the one in Florida.

Despite the fact that Miami University is a public, i.e. comparatively cheap, university in a reasonably diverse state, its student body is unusually white and wealthy. Miami University is an above-average university, nobody can reasonably dispute this. However, its superiority complex is ridiculous; there's nothing wrong with being the second-best public school in one of the most populated states in the country.
High School Senior 1: I'm pretty excited, I just got into Miami University!
High School Senior 2: Cool, I'm going to OSU in the fall.
HSS1: Dude, that sucks! I'll be going to a public ivy whooo!!!!
HSS2: WTF does that mean?
HSS1: That means it's the best school outside of Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Duke, dudebra!
HSS2: You realize that the ivy league is a sports conference; MIT, Stanford, and Duke are not in it, right?
HSS1: Look nerdbra, look at the college rankings! You're just jealous!
HSS2: I just looked up the US News and World Report. OSU: 53. Miami: 77.
HSS1: Look nerdbra, you're just jealous that you won't get to party with my frat bros, bra!
HSS2: This is getting ridiculous. I'm gonna go study for my AP test.
HSS1: Nerd!!!!!
by iLikeSoup February 16, 2010
A public university in Athens, Ohio, OU is a huge party school where the only things to do are party or study because, again, it's in Athens, Ohio. Unfortunately for its reputation, most people choose the former if given a choice. Although obviously not true of absolutely every student, the majority of its students are only there because they couldn't get into the academically superior Ohio State University or Miami University.
Why did Ohio University have to cancel its reenactment of the story of Christmas? It couldn't find three wise men and a virgin
by iLikeSoup May 8, 2010