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Many years ago, an author wrote a book about public ivies, or public universities in USA that offer quality educations. It's a reference to the Ivy League, which is a very selective sports conference that only has seven schools. Then the list was amended and now includes over 30 schools. Some of the supporters of schools that are considered public ivies, such as Miami University like to constantly state this as a way of bragging. Most of the schools on this list and their students simply don't care.
Miami (OH) student: I go to a public ivy whoo!
Virginia student: Me too. Big deal.
Georgia student: Me too. Big deal.
Ohio State student: Me too. Big deal.
Washington student: Me too. Big deal.
Miami (OH) student: I am awesome!
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
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This is mind over matter; when somebody believes that something will happen to his health, it does even when it wouldn't have otherwise. This generally happens when doctors tell patients that their health will improve even though there's no logical reason to believe that; the patients' optimism then helps heal them.
The doctor gave Jimmy sugar capsules and told them it would cure his headaches; it did even though the capsules didn't do anything. Classic placebo effect!
by iLikeSoup February 17, 2010
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Commonly abbreviated MLM, it's a form of selling a product whereby one person recruits other salespeople, who recruits other salespeople, ad nausea and after each sale, everybody above the salesman gets a small piece of commission. To make money in one (98%+ of people don't), one should place much more emphasis on recruiting than sales. Amway is probably the most well-known MLM.

Many MLMs have "optional" national meetings, motivational books and tapes, and other various expenses. The cost of these comes out of pocket of the individual. As a general rule, if you can be one of the first people to join a successful MLM, you'll make a lot of money, especially if you can sell all of this crap to your downline. However, if you're not in this lucky 1-2%, you'll honestly be lucky to break even in your expenses.

There is some technical difference between a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, and an MLM, which is legal. However, nobody but the high-priced lawyers which keep MLMs in business and stealing the money of its starry-eyed employees seem to know what this difference is.
There are too many Multi-Level Marketing organizations to count. After one is shut down by bankruptcy or the government, two new ones sprout from the ground.
by iLikeSoup March 12, 2011
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Those who can, do. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym.
That gym teacher has a college degree? All he does is yell, sweat, and make us watch bad sports movies.
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
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This is a group of males in college who pay money to spend time together. They do a lot of community service, like a couple of hours a month, to prove to the world how great they are. They host a ton of parties with copious amounts of booze; females can come for free, but few men not affiliated with the fraternity are allowed in without paying. This makes it easier for frat boys to get laid. People in fraternities tend to preppy and metrosexual or absolutely disgusting slobs; there is rarely any middle ground.
College student: How's the frat coming along?
Fraternity brother: It's not a frat. It's a fraternity!
CS: Uhh, ok. Sorry, I guess?
FB: You guess? You wouldn't call your country a cunt, would you?
CS: Well, I don't now, but I might if it was something I could choose to be in, I paid a ton of money for it, and the only benefit of being in it was so I could pay money to hang around with a lot of other like-minded homophobic rapists who claim they're better than everyone else. But hey, paying an extra 8 grand a year is so worth it for the bonds of brotherhood, am I right? My actual brother, you know, my twin, hasn't gone through nearly the same things as I have, like getting raped up the ass by the VP of recruitment. That's love, right there.
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
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A "doctor" who uses fear mongering and clever marketing ploys to get repeat business instead of proven scientific methods. Much of what chiropractors do is based on the pseudoscience of sublaxation. A chiropractor will happily take all of your money to crack your back and neck. If you see one and don't get worse or lose all of your money, consider yourself lucky.
Chemistry Ph. D: I have a doctorate so you can call me doctor. I understand science much better than a chiropractor does. If I buy a white coat, will you give me $90/week for the rest of your life to crack your back?
by iLikeSoup May 08, 2010
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Acai is a berry native to South America that is pretty healthy, but hasn't been scientifically proven to be any healthier than many other types of berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries. However, since many gullible people have never heard of acai berries, they jump at ridiculous advertisements which claim their acai berry extracts will help them lose weight. Incidentally, many of the companies selling these extracts are pyramid schemes.
Fat woman: I can't lose this excess belly fat! I've tried everything except for a sensible diet and exercise plan. What ever should I do?
Snake oil salesman: Have no fear! For only $299.99/month plus shipping and handling, you can order some acai berry extract!
FW: Does it work?
SOS: Yes.
FW: Can you prove it?
SOS: Yes.
FW: Sounds good to me! How do I sign up?
by iLikeSoup March 12, 2011
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