"Placebo Day" is the unofficial holiday for fans of the rock band Placebo, held annually on 2 May. Its origin lies in a lyric from the band's song "The Bitter End": "We're running out of alibis/On the second of May."

The original group to have started this holiday seems to be the LiveJournal Placebo fan group "placebowhores" (placebowhores.livejournal.com) although it may have originated elsewhere.
"I'm going to listen to 'Nancy Boy' all day long this Placebo Day!"
by prettygolucky May 4, 2006
1. The act of faking a fart
2. A device used to store farts for later use
3. A common insult used and originated by Dr. D. Nguyen
4. A company name that sells fart placebos
I was walking down the street and pulled out my fart placebo to create a stench around me.

"Why are you such a fart placebo!"
by Poppyface October 20, 2009
The condition of being terminally unfunky. This occurs when when an individual attempts to ignore his funkentelechy.
Sir Nose D'Voidofunk epitomized the Placebo Syndrome. That is until Star Child hit him with the Bop Gun!
by Mav March 16, 2004
The worker that has everyone fooled, the fraud of the workstaff, appearing to be very hard worker when in fact doesn't really do anything
Dana : Tom was working so late last night, he send me a work email at 11:30pm.
Murphy: Dana, you're so naive, Tom's the office placebo ... he sent that from that club while dancing with the ladies.
by LastGreatNobody March 28, 2009
Porn, in which certain elements are faked, in order to add more sexual appeal.
A mom making out with her "stepdaughter" in a porno. It's not actually her stepdaughter, though. The Porn Placebo, is that she's having sexual relations with her family member.
by Chimpvanze April 24, 2009
Placebo Love is the act of making love with no love involved.
In other words it is sex between two people knowing that the placebo love counter part is not "the one" but both like the action in bed or wherever the placebo love takes place.
Girl: I know you and I are not going in the relationship direction but we could make some placebo love once in a while until we find us some real boy/girl friend.

Guy: Sure, I'll drop by yours at round 11 pm.
by The Christoph June 2, 2010
A phenomenon that can only be put down to self trickery.
When you go out one night and decide not to drink, everyone else around you is drinking or already drunk to the point of obliteration. You go about your night sobre, maybe get caught up in the present drunken vibe, retire late / early morning - with everybody else.
You wake up at an un-godly hour of the day due to the late night - BUT, you feel shittier than times when you've been unrealistically drunk.

It is clear that the brain is either so used to dealing with excessive alcohol - blood ratio on a saturday night, it brings you down the next day regardless, OR you are such a lightweight, that just being around alcohol is enough to bring on a hangover.

Personal experience shows the latter observation to be false.
Dude 1: Dude, I feel WORSE today than most hangovers .. W..T..F!?! I was sobre all night!

Dude 2: Placebo Hangover dude *shakes head* .. my condolences
by RyRy28 September 16, 2011