#DoubleEntendre Could mean take two more shots or hits of marijuana blunt/joints or peace out , deuces ✌🏽
Have a good night; take two!
Me : I want another shot! Them : Take two
Hitting a joint take two puffs
by B-DUB W. May 11, 2021
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usually a command to take two standing aids on a moving bus though its certain if you hold on to them they will break/ snap under your weight
Carney: take two
Kiara: *recluctantly takes two straps on the bus
are you calling me fat ?
Carney: no
*shoves a third to kiara after a second glance
Kiara: *takes the thrid...
by YoureAmazing December 6, 2008
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The second packing of any marijuana smoking device. Generally, resulting is a change of passing direction, either from clockwise to counterclockwise, or counterclockwise to clockwise.

Also, Take Three, Take Four, etc. can be used to define subsequent packings, all of which result in a passing direction change.
"Man, this bowl is cashed..."
"Take Two!!"

...3 minutes later....

"Man, this bowl is cashed... man"
"Take Three!!... man"
"Let's go get food from Krystal's, man!"
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007
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A dumb publisher who published GTA V and only cares about money and not their players. Doesn't support SINGLEPLAYER modding and counts it as illegal. Basically a bunch of fag publishers.
by [MG] Flames July 3, 2017
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this cannot happen without more than one person
The reason we came out alive is because we worked together. After all, it takes two to tango.
by Light Joker August 28, 2005
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An observation on the fact that it takes two willing people to commit an infidelity, not just one.
"I heard DJ was doin' Tommy's bitch. He's got no respect."
"Yeah, well shows you what kinda hoodrat she is. It takes two to tango, yo?"
by JoeyRags July 5, 2009
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It takes two to Tandy is an uncommonly used turn of phrase used which is used in the context of when you want to Tandy by yourself but you need two.
Oh man I wish i could go Tandy but it takes two to Tandy... I'm talking to myself.
by Tiny fucking mr feet February 17, 2017
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