A place in Taupo New Zealand, where the “cool” kids like to take their utes and mean as whips with their underage girls in the back to hang out. Typically, vaping, mdma, smoking cones, eating maccas and statutory rape are undertaken here.
Let’s go hang out at pits

Wanna go to pits tonight?
by Yeah_the_boys September 03, 2019
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a word to describe an individual's anus, implying it resembles a dark hole (Pit).
I stuck two finger's up her pit last night.
by Jimmy Laz May 08, 2008
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an area at a hardcore or metalcore show in the middle of the floor where moshing occurs. the moshing here is often beatdown style or hardxcore "dancing"
"Dude, the pit at the Chariot show was crazy! I think Andrew broke his finger."
by xjonxcorex (Jon) July 29, 2005
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A very talented group of percussionists in a marching band who play the auxillary and especially mallet keyboards. Might i add... we kick booty.
Nazareth Area High School Blue eagle marching band's pit percussion is the BEST!
by kreeta March 31, 2004
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A Scottish Gaelic noun meaning "(a) vulva". This word is an obvious explitive, but is not always used to be insulting.

Also see ròmag, faighean, duille, truiteag, and geobag.
To Ann Coulter "A phit! Mharbhainn tu, a shiùrsaich na Galla!"
("Fuck! I could kill you, you fucking whore!")

Tha Dr. Laura 'na pit na Galla.
(Dr. Laura is a fucking cunt.)
by Lorelili March 18, 2006
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