1. A group of percussionists who play mallet and other instruments that are not played by the durmline. They play in the front of the marching band at football games and in band festivals. Players do not march except in parades and when approaching instraments from across the feild. Also known as Front Ensamble or Percussion Front.

2. The most amazing people you'll ever meet.
by Confused Slinky June 16, 2007
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Describes a person, action or event that is awful, terrible, hopeless and not worthy of mention. It is pathetic and woeful beyond belief.
It is often used before 'the'. For example, Penman's attempts to pick up women are "the pits." The pits is also interchangeable with the use of "Charles Lie" or "Angus Lie." e.g. Gus Lie is "Charles Lie"
by frothies May 23, 2010
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A term for a person/character that is considered extremely strong in their respective universe.
"You know Kenpachi Zaraki is a pit."
by BigFender October 04, 2008
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pits are short for "armpits" otherwise called underarms
Sara shaves her pits before wearing a sleeveless top.

Johnny has very hairy pits.

Chris said he was not ticklish, but 4of us ganged up on him and found he had uber-ticklish pits.
by greenheart August 26, 2007
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Slam pitting, a style of dance to heavy metal where people will attack each other to music. Also know as moshing, mosh pit, circle pit.
I kicked his ass in the pit at SLAYER!
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
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A police maneuver in which an officer puts the front quarter panel of his crusier next to the back quarter panel of the suspect and pushes aganist it. This causes the suspect to go into an uncontrollable spin.
When the suspect didn't stop, the police used a PIT to stop him
by MichaelR June 20, 2006
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