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is usually a person who is into many different genres of rock mainly


the HxC girl...
usually dresses in a some-what "SCENE" attire, but HxC girls can basically wear whatever they want.. they shy away from the emo trends and start looking more normal

the HxC guy..
typically wears the "SCENE" attire but not so much to the girly side of things.. HxC guys tend to wear only boys clothes, and they shy away from emo trends..

HxC hair...

HxC girls..
girls usually have long hair with tons of layers, choppy bangs, and some add-in color.. a HxC girl may add a bow or headband if they choose..

HxC guys..
most HxC guys have short to mid-length choppy hair.. maybe some color.. but really hair is hair in the HxC world..
you can have a mullet if you choose doesnt matter.

whatever they want to say...
HardxCore persons usually listen to anything that screams, sings, has a break down, or just a nice beat.
by KillTheScenerio December 09, 2008
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1) Another name for emo
2) Emo with a rock mask but still very very emo
3) Miserable
Person 1: Dude im so hardXcore.
Person 2: Faggot
by ShatteredOne September 23, 2004
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1. Very mega awexome coolness
2. Said about dirty sucky emos behind them
"I found a million moneys!"

"Look at the dirty emo"
"He is so hardxcore"
"Ha ha ha, yes he is crappy"
by looscannon February 21, 2005
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HARDxCORE id petty much scene and emo.

and the x means sex.drugs :)
the holly springs disaster is a HARDxCORE band
by katiebier February 17, 2008
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