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Also known as the front-ensemble. Usually most talented in band. Brings color and warmth to music in marching band/drum corps. Usually related to drumline. Section that gets most crap for not having to march but yet takes most skill, technique, and practicing.
Dude the pit is rockin' it out there.

The pit has a ridiculous four mallet solo!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 18, 2008
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Best marching band show ever in existence. Highest Drum Corp International (DCI) score ever recorded of 99.150 close to a perfect. This show was performed by the top drum corp, the cavaliers, and can be seen on various websites such as youtube.com...
Frameworks has the best marching drill than any other show.

The frameworks drum break is stuck in my head!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 18, 2008
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Part of a Marching Band/Drum Corp that is related to the front ensemble or pit. Consisted of people who think they are cool because they can backstick... loudest players in the band... get the most crap from director... annoying bad asses?
Dude the drumline is dirty. What else is new?

I'm in the drumline so im going to try to play 4 times faster than the cadence is suppose to be so it can sound like crap!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 18, 2008
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