Pissness usually takes place at a urinal when two people discuss important matters while taking a leak.
Hey did you hear about the drop in the stock exchange?
Yeah I really need to rethink my investment plan for next quarters portfolio
*toilets flush*
Good thinking, well good talking pissness with you sir.
by ChickityChan February 3, 2011
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Simple criteria for rating females attractiveness. Ie: are they attractive enough to let them piss on you.
Is margot robbie a piss or no piss?
Definitely a piss.

What about Amy Schumer?
Hell no. No piss.
by Goontar June 12, 2023
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British - drunk
American - really mad
"Oi, look at Tim! He's pissed off his ass! Haha!"
"Man, I'm fuckin pissed!"
by Tommy F. September 9, 2005
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-the inverse of "clutch"
-another tense of "to be pissed off"
- when something seems really great, but...
So clutch Mr. Ruddy is showing us a movie in class today, but such a piss, he makes us take notes
by Rossgbell December 31, 2016
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Australian slang: To complete a task with ease.
John: "Have you studied for that exam tommorow?"
Bazza: "Nah, but I'm really good on that topic, I'll piss it in."
by Bogan123 November 25, 2013
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To be rated by others. Doing work. Lurking About. To have a reputation.
U aint on piss bro stop begging for beef.
by freedafarmgs July 9, 2019
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1) To be extremely angry

2) To be heavily intoxicated with alcohol to the point of not knowing where you are.

3) Past verb of piss.
1) I'm pissed at you right now

2) He got pissed and fell down

3) I pissed in her mouth.
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
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