Male equivalent of a shazza, found only in Australia's white-trash hotspots.
Short version of Barry, it's used exclusively by yobs, can be identified by the beergut, smell of fags, inability to speak without profanity, tendency to violence, footy obsession and packs of scrawny kids.
Bazza: Oi Shazza. Get mi a fuckin' beer, the game's starting.
Shazza: Get off ya fat ass and get it yaself.
Bazza: Bloody useless bitch
by australiasaysnotoshazzas May 29, 2006
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This person is very cool, peng and has a large penis.
“Oi Bazza what’s poppin’ ”

“ I heard Bazza’s got a big one if you know what I mean” James said
“Ye bloody massive” responded Sarah
by Pifting 🐒 🔥 🥶 May 21, 2019
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A drink originating in the University of Chester, that causes one to become severely drunk. A wonder in itself. Made with cherry sourz, vodka and lemonade.
Boy 1: I was absolutley ruined last night, shouldn't have had so many bazzas.

Girl 1: Always the bazzas, killers.
by Bazza God February 6, 2019
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A Bazza is someone who is alone and usually a loser. It comes from being Larry The Loner. Larry: Barry: Bazza!
Girl #1: Look at that guy all alone at the bus stop with no friends!
Girl #2: I know! He is such a Bazza!!
by S24 December 17, 2006
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To add someone you have never met on facebook with the sole purpose of looking through their wall posts, photos etc.
"Shit man, I got bazza'd!"

"Fuck dude... you serious? Those fat year 7 girls could be a bit more subtle, couldn't they!"

"It was a 16 year old boy!"
by JakeXXXXXXXXX March 23, 2010
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A barrel; a barrelling wave formation. Slang used most often by surfers.
I pulled-in-to a massive bazz"
by Daniel April 29, 2003
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bazza is another name for barrel. it is when a waves breaks and forms a hollow barrel shaped pipe that people try get in whilst in the surf. i THINK the word was made by mayoh, because only he can think up stupid words like that.... and the funny thing is that when he makes up words they always become fucken popular even though they are the stupidest shit goin out
Tommo: ben i juz got in an epic 30 foot bazza out island
Ben: woteva braz
by benjohnson April 29, 2005
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