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(Scots) A toilet. A place where one goes for a pish.
The pisher in the bus station was shut by the time our bus got in, and we had to pish though the grille of the kiosk.
by Pisher pete October 14, 2008
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A ladies labia and a variation of the word pishflaps, only really used in Scotland but widely used and a well known Scottish word.
"Glenda's pishers were hingin'!"
by Freakosaurus January 18, 2010
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An idiot that has no reading comprehension and cannot use proper grammar.
ama is such a pisher. He simply cannot write a correct sentence.
by TheCell August 06, 2010
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Yiddish word to describe someone who is arrogant, spoiled, and conceited, and thinks he is a big deal. Literally means an adult who is still in wet diapers.
See that sassy CEO driving that Lamborghini. He thinks he owns the world. He's really just a pisher.
by Martin Lizerbram September 30, 2007
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Yiddish term for a small penis...usually used as an insult to someone.
I couln't sleep with Harold..he had such a pisher I almost laughed!! or Jimmy is such a pisher...I think he stole my wallet!! Oy!
by Miss maya January 06, 2006
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someone who is always stealing and getting in the way. like hitler but without the genocide
Yo punk ass ninjas can't wait to see the ice break.... pisher
by Jesus_On_Wheels February 12, 2004
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