Fake person or people, whether it be Man or Woman
1.I hate pinnochios. They wanna smile in your face, but as soon as you leave they talk mad shit.

2. Person 1. "Oh look here comes Amber."

Person 2. "I don't associate with her, she's a pinnochio."
by RCPTHANEMESIS December 30, 2009
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When you're 69ing and you work the clit so hard that you end up nose-fucking your partner.
"He just went at it so hard that I felt something slip in, and I realized he just pinnochio'ed me"
by Jet Stream June 23, 2017
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I wanted to try something new last night. I saw some extra sandpaper sitting there so I did a Pinnochio on myself!

Talking to you is about as much fun as doing a Pinnochio....
by PSYKO May 10, 2014
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A puppet which was brought to life by a magic fairy. His nose grows whenever he lies.
Pinnochio was shown gagging on a cigar, even though Pinnochio is a children's Disney movie.
by E. Man September 03, 2006
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Males testicles are placed in the eyes of female with flacid penis being over the nose. Girl bats her eyelashes arousing the penis causing an erection to grow like pinnochios nose when he lies. meanwhile the asshole is placed firmly against the forehead, leaving a symbolic brown dot between the eyes.
Nicki had a brown dot on her forehead this morning, she must have got the Hindu Pinnochio last night.
by Las Vegas Tripod March 12, 2011
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(Girl Revenge) Where the girl grabs her mans dick while its hard and bends it at the middle causing massive pain; Breaking his boner.
Officer: You're under arrest for the assault of this girl.
Dude: Officer she gave me an angry pinnochio!
Officer: Son of a bitch! You're off the hook!
by Vurtax June 06, 2010
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