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The fourth and final complete Halo title from Bungie Studios. With solid campaign, multiplayer, forge, firefight, custom games, and theater mode (all features the Halo Franchise is now known for) the title offers the most bang for your buck if you are into thrill shooters.

This game is hated by Sony Fanboys, for no reason whatsoever than it is not on their console. Which is funny because Sony had the chance to buy out Bungie before Microsoft did but didn't.

Anyway with massive customization features in an FPS which is only outdone by PC mods. Halo Reach offers extensive (and I can't stress that enough) replay value that will surely show come Semptember 14th
Sony Fanboy: Killzone, Resistance, and MAG pwn Gaylo Reach-Around faggot!
Halo fan: Yeah i'd rather pay $60 for one amazing FPS than $180 for three more or less...average FPS titles that everyones too busy on COD to play.
Halo Fan: Dude why the fuck can't you just accept the fact that Halo Reach and past titles are good games and get on with your life?
Halo Fan: Oh yeah it's because you don't have one.
by Vurtax August 13, 2010

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(Girl Revenge) Where the girl grabs her mans dick while its hard and bends it at the middle causing massive pain; Breaking his boner.
Officer: You're under arrest for the assault of this girl.
Dude: Officer she gave me an angry pinnochio!
Officer: Son of a bitch! You're off the hook!
by Vurtax June 06, 2010

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A Java-run free MMORPG, Created by developer Jagex Ltd. Launched back in 2001, and is recognize by Guiness World Records as the worlds most popular free MMORPG. While many people will say the game outright sucks. Many find that's it worth playing at all, or paying 5 bucks a month with over 2/3rd's more content.

Runescape can currently played in multiple graphic display settings allowing people on even slow computers to play. While the graphics are not current-gen, it is very lush and makes the world much more real than before.

Storyline wise Runescape is a region in the world of Gielinor. Which many of the fantasy elements in the game are from every pre-existing mystical creature/element/etc. There is also plenty of original ideas from the team at Jagex.

Runescape has faced many challenges such as hackers, bots, or downright cheating. While many of these problems have been resolved, newer problems have risen which Jagex has been tending to.
Prsn1: So you play WoW?

Prsn2: Nah i play Runescape, WoW and all the other $15 a month is just too expensive

Prsn1: Seriously? You're a faggot!

Prsn2: (sarcasm) Really? I had no idea what my sexual orientation was until you told me just now. Shall I blow you?

Prsn1: Wait, what?

Prsn2: You want it or not?

Prsn1: umm...Okay.

Prsn2: Just kidding faggot.
by Vurtax February 12, 2010

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