The literal cutest person on planet earth. Filled with so much compassion , joy, and determination. Ambitious as hell and theres nothing she wont do to show you affection
Pinky is the cutest
by Micah Wazowski June 21, 2020
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She's the type to laugh at all your jokes and has sense of humor. She's a girl worth fighting for. No matter what she looks like, she will always be an ideal girl. Prefers coffee shops over bars, juice over alcohol and books over boys. She's smart and matured at work, but dorky and funny on normal conversations. Her name is Pinky but she loves dark colors. She has a resting bitch face but if you get to know her more, she's an actual sweetheart!
B1: Did you see that girl? She's so Pinky! I'm going to ask her out.

B2: No, I am.

*Run as fast as they can to the girl*
by kaiyah December 29, 2017
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a babygirl who never fails to be the best babygirl
she’s pinky, of course she’s the best.
by neighbournextdoor July 5, 2019
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A £50 Note ( Fifty Pound Note )
I got a pinky in ma pocket
by Can B February 1, 2008
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A fool-proof insult guaranteed to piss any of your friends off if you refer to them as it. Insulting and effeminate, it tends to rub most guys the wrong way.
Yeah whatever pinky keep your sus comments away from me dude.
by Mantisporkyrandallmcduck5 December 12, 2021
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An embarrassingly small penis that is the length and diameter of the average pinky finger. A penis so pathetically tiny that a virgin would not feel it go in. also see: Pinky-scare
You don't want to get with him. Cheryl says he's got a Pinky!

Poor Pinky, it's such a shame 'cause he's a great guy.
by Julie the Queen November 12, 2007
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