A hot girl (or guy) is a "pinky" if you'd give your pinky toe to get with her (or him) for a night. Courtesy of Matty Metcalfe.
Yo, check out the pinky in the Kangol that just walked in.
by chris March 30, 2005
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Foreign aid-workers in Africa!
Like in many other developing parts of the world, African people are xenophobic at best and are biased against the white aid-workers who risk their lives in order to give help and much-needed aid to those revolving bastards!
Aid workers aren't even saved by irony: they are known as mere pinkies to Africans!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
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A person who listens to no doubt and garbage. Usually has pink hair and speaks like a valley girl
When did pinkies start coming to nofx concerts?
by Distilla Truant February 17, 2004
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Describing someone or something that represents something you don't like
Your mom says Cameron, it's time to wash the dishes. You say:"Ah pinky!"
by Sarcastic One Knows Me April 13, 2004
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White boys with a very very pink complexion who think they're hot but are openly mocked by everyone and are absolutely horrible in bed
A: ohhhh dude what happened to his face!
B: who pinky?
A: yeah!
B: his mother perioded all over his face
by The Truthsfks March 05, 2010
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a.your pinky finger
b.the color pink
c.P!NK the female artist
d.pinky and the brain > fucktards
pinky and the brain story:

two lab rats that try to take over the world. based on some human characteristics if you pay close attention. pinky is smart as a tool and the brain just as much if not more.
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
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Just as there is colors for personalities, there is pinky. Which is a personality color...yeah.
by 8BitKronik November 21, 2008
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