B1=Black First. In other words, Black Empowerment before anything else. This term is used by the New Voices Of Black Media, including The Black Authority and Professor Black Truth.
"We have to approach these politicians with a B1 Agenda. We need policies that will specifically benefit us".
by IBTAL September 27, 2019
"There's the polis Dae the B1!"
by Jimisanasshat August 27, 2015
Another way to stay "blaze it"(referring to smoking cannabis) It's one of the few expressions for smoking weed that adults haven't figured out yet.
by drewan22 November 20, 2009
Most overused emoticon on digital gaming platform Steam, that stupid kids think will carry over to other social networks as well. Emoticon itself resembles dark face with sun glasses and smirk, presumably to represent other popular meme "deal with it"
Steam User Just Now

git gud skrub :B1:
by z.x.t. March 18, 2014
b1 is a picture of a nudist that goes on daily adventures. Can be found on google images by typing in b1.
by hotluncher March 24, 2004
Be first to A S L.

General rule one should follow on chat sites if one would like to be successful or guide the conversation.
Jim loves disappointing kids on Chat Roulette because he follows the B1-2ASL commandment.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 30, 2012
a move that makes no sense
by throwawayaccountnumber23 November 14, 2021