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The female version of a pimp.

Has male hos/prostitutes.

Jeri: " Yo dawg, my pimpstress just got me this brand new watch!"
Doug: "Maaaan, I wish my pimpstress had that kinda dough to spend on me!"
by courtycourty January 05, 2018
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depending on the stress when read
1. ('pimp stress) a girl pimp- a girl who gets all the dudes and is just pretty cool
2. (pimp 'stress) being stressed out from pimpin' so much
1. much love from lisa, your big sis the pimpstress!
2. I'm feeling the pimpstress!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
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The proper title for a female pimp, as opposed to pimpette. Where a pimpette is a house cat, a pimpstress is a tiger. She's a badassified beyotch who knows what she wants and how to get it.

See also:
That ex-Mormon chick with the buzz cut is one hell of a pimpstress. I hear she picked up seven girls in one night. And I don't mean from rugby practice...Or do I?
by aynrandsteddybear August 16, 2006
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also spelled pimpztress:A female form of the typical male pimp. A woman who procures or promotes other women and/or men (ie.,sexual solicitation, prostitution),for a cut of the money and sexual favors.The prostitute in turn recieves safty from abusive clients and the honor to be with her/his pimpstress. Although this relationship is traditionally abusive, both emotionally and physically, the pimpstress is often times less abusive toward her bitches and hos and often times uses sexual favors to win them over and keep them "happy". The pimpstres is often seen as a mothering, protecting figure by her bitches.
2.Diva, a fine-looking woman with class, money and a lot of Bling. She is often followed around by her crew and held in very high regard as a male pimp of the same class.
1. The Pimpstress was lookin' for her hos n' her bitches and was seein' red thinkin' that they dipped out on her. She'd bitch slap them sumthin' fierce when they came back from the hotel and get the green that was owed!
2. The Pimpstress walked in followed by her crew. They waited on her hand and foot and when she stepped to the mic. the crowd turned to see her. The men all wanted her, and so did the ladies.
by PimpZtress RaH March 02, 2006
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A female pimp who is technically unemployed but makes her living collecting money from various men in order to maintain her high-maintenance status. She often drives a new, foreign vehicle and is not known to the public by her real name.
I'll never have to work as long as I'm a Pimpstress. My bills will get paid regardless.
by Maria Chaunte' August 07, 2007
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1. n : A female who procures customers for whores.
Megan will sell your ass on the corner cause she's tha pimpstress motherfucker.
by M0nkeyP0x September 18, 2003
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1)One who is or has been a "wiggers" girl
2)The female version of a pimp
Since sally fucked anus(a wigger) she is now dubbed a "pimpstress"

She is a pimpstress-she sure does get around
by Sussex county hilton July 19, 2005
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