A chick who can get as many guys as she wants, keep them if their worth it, and get anything she wants out of them.
I have 3 boys giving me head, buying me jewels and they dont know i just use them, I am a pimpette
by Pink Princess July 15, 2003
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female pimp, female with large number of males around her
(insert name here) was being a pimpette when she went to the movies with 3 guys
by Link of Crocker January 27, 2008
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A girl that can get guys easily. It can be looks, sexual attrations, or anything in that field. It doesn't have to be ALL about sex. But she can get any guy she wants.
Damn steph, I might have a couple of guys with me, but daaaamn, you got 7 to choose for! Go pimpette! Show 'em what you workin' with!
by Steph June 25, 2004
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a girl who can get as many guys as she wants and use them! also she could have a guy for every ocasion like.....
" yup im such a pimpette i got a guy doin my laundry, a guy fo my clothes, n more u know those lil things"

" whoa ur a real pimpette
by cece March 8, 2005
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the feminine version of the word pimp...to have many boyfriends or boy toys...but not smut
damn, u such a pimpette.
by Anonymous Amber October 13, 2005
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gurly who has lots o guys...w/o datin any of em
i did sometin w/ steven last night...brandon is this saturday...i meet zach friday...and i still have to call david...i am a pimpette
by just for bethy April 17, 2003
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