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Sexy McSexsex
Sexy McSexsex is an egyptian pharaoh!
by Kadi May 26, 2004
When you and your partner open-mouth kiss and put your tongue inside your partners mouth, then move it around. Also know as french kissing.
Kristin: It's hard enough to find things we have in common. I should at least be able to enjoy them.

Amber:Tongue wrestling getting old already?
by Kadi May 27, 2004
a brother from the hood that has 45's and bling bling. prefferably a big ice chain. wears a big purple coat with zebra on the trim, fishtank shoes, and a big zebra hat. That mother fucker is dope. Uses women for money.
that pimp was a crazy mofo.
by Kadi November 27, 2004
A city where you will find the dirtiest and smelliest ppl of maryland. Filled with mexicans and whores. However people rep it to the fullest and are not afraid to say that they live there! Proud people live here haters need to kiss our ass b/c b-damore is the shit!
B-da-more be full of smelly mexicans.. we need to send them back over the border!
by Kadi January 17, 2005