Abbreviation for "Parted in Middle".

An outrageously hideous hairstyle that very few girls can pull off with the right haircut. Disgusting.
Somebody better tell this slore with the mean ol' PIM that she's fugly.
by bitch shredder shredder September 14, 2011
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As in:
Nokia PC Sync will not synchronize automatically with your phone. You will have to start the synchronization manually whenever you want to synchronize a phone with your PC PIM.

by ZarniYcatX March 03, 2008
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Pretty Much --> P.M.

Pronounced - pim.

See Also: Pimmity, Pimz, Pimdiggity
"Edward Cullen is sexy."
by Chiz? June 15, 2009
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Pim weight

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1. Pim weight, a polished stone about 15 mm (5/8 inch) diameter, equal to about two-thirds of a Hebrew shekel. Many specimens have been found since their initial discovery early in the 20th century, and each one weighs about 7.6 grams compared to 11.5 grams of a shekel. Its name, which can also be transliterated as "payim", comes from the inscription seen across the top of its dome shape: פימ.

From New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures 2013 edition

2. A weight as well as the price charged by the Philistines for sharpening various metal implements. Several stone weights found in archaeological excavations in Israel bear the ancient Hebrew consonants (פימ – MYP {right to left} PYM) of “pim”; their average weight is 7.8g (0.2508 oz t), which would be approximately two-thirds of a shekel. – 1 Sa 13:20, 21

פימ – MYP
פ – P
י – Y
מ - M

Until Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister's excavations at Gezer (1902-1905 and 1907-1909), scholars did not know how to translate the word pim (פִ֗ים p̄îm) in 1 Samuel 13:21.
I will charge you a Pim for that.
by apallison December 21, 2018
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PIM stands for Product Information Management and is a software designed to help brands, retailers and wholesalers to manage their product-related data in the most efficient way possible.
Quality {PIM platform supports quick and easy finding, preparing, mastering, governing and protecting of product information.
by Mr Mercedes June 28, 2018
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The opposite of a Simp in the sense of someone overvaluing a man.
Dylan: god I need an attractive male to just come over here and hold me tightly jesus fucking god
Sam: pims
by Anomolinity April 30, 2020
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Anagram of SIMP meaning the exact opposite.
Stacy: This guy is totally a PIMS!

Heather: He totally thought his fedora was attractive, he message me too btw lol
by Discord.gg/insane October 29, 2020
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